Workforce Development and Continuing Education


The office of Workforce Development and Continuing Education (WDaCE) provides access to innovative and flexible non-credit academic opportunities in response to individual, community, and professional needs.

Our mission reflects these core values:

  • We offer flexibility in programs and modes of delivery
  • We ensure academic quality in our instructors and curriculum
  • We strive to bring convenience to the lives of our students
  • We are responsive to the needs of students, colleagues, and the community
  • We offer relevant instruction and professional experiences
  • We respect our students’ time
  • We provide innovative programs and modes of delivery
  • We are entrepreneurial in our new ventures

Strategic Goals

  • Enhance the Student Experience
  • Foster Internal and External Partnerships to Increase Continuing Education Opportunities
  • Build Internal and External Awareness of and Support for LHU’s WDaCE Programs and Outreach Initiatives
  • Cultivate WDaCE Alumni
  • Cultivate New Student Populations
  • Meet the Needs of the Business and Not‐for‐Profit Community
  • Invest in Faculty and Staff Success

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