Institutional Review Board

"All research projects undertaken by students, faculty, staff, or administrators of Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania must be approved prior to involvement of human subjects" (LHU IRB-PHS Policies and Procedures, 2002).

All requests for IRB-PHS approval must begin with the researcher(s)' completion and submission of the documents listed below to the IRB-PHS Chairperson. If you wish to collect data from LHU students, faculty, or staff and you have already received IRB approval from another university, please contact Dr. Beth McMahon prior to completing and submitting the following forms:

1) LHU IRB-PHS Application Cover Sheet
2) Click on this link for a
Proposal Narrative
3) Consent forms:
a- for studies in which data are collected in person by the researcher
consent form template and consent form sample)
b- for studies in which data are collected online
Online Survey consent form template)
4) A copy of any assessments, surveys, or other instruments to be used
5) Additional materials may be required such as a letter from a cooperating institution if you are collecting data at a site off campus. IRB approval will also be required from any and all other colleges/universities at which you intend to collect data. There is a
streamlined process in place for gaining approval to collect data at other PASSHE institutions. Contact the IRB chairperson for more details regarding conducting research at other institutions of higher education.

All researchers (students, faculty, and staff) must complete the NIH "
Protecting Human Research Participants" online ethics training course. Most people find that this course takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. Completion certificates must be submitted to, or already on file with, the IRB before your research proposal will be reviewed. Once your certificate is on file, it is valid for 3 years.

To renew your NIH training and generate an updated certificate, please click on the following link and follow the directions:,3