Title IX: LHU's Response to Sexual Violence

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs or activities operated by recipients of federal financial assistance. Sexual harassment of students, which includes acts of sexual violence, is a form of sexual discrimination prohibited by Title IX.

Sexual violence refers to physical sexual acts perpetrated against a person's will or where a person is incapable of giving consent due to the person's use of drugs or alcohol. An individual also may be unable to give consent due to an intellectual or other disability.

If you become a Complainant/Student Rights and Resources

REDUCE THE RISK! You have the right to say "NO!"

What is Consent?

Consensual sexual activity happens when each partner willingly chooses to participate. Openly communicating about expectations and desires is critical to obtaining consent. Consent can only be given by a person who has control of his or her mental and physical capabilities.

Sex without consent is sexual assault. Use of force, intimidation, or coercion is a denial of a person’s right to freely give his/her consent. Even if someone has agreed to engage sexually, that person has the right to withdraw his/her consent at any time.

Prevention Tips

  • When attending social events, do not consume drugs or alcohol to the point of being unable to think clearly. Make certain there is a designated driver.
  • Attend parties with people you trust in case of an emergency or uncomfortable situation. Check in with each other and do not leave the party alone.
  • Make arrangements for your own reliable transportation so you don’t have to depend on someone else.
  • Always have a buddy system so someone knows where you are and when you will return. Take care of each other.
  • Arrange to meet people for the first time in a public place or have friends present. Tell a friend you are meeting someone and provide their name and meeting location.
  • Use extreme caution when providing information on social websites.