Guide for Incoming Students

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You are about to begin a wonderful new chapter in your life and we are thrilled that you will be unfolding this new part of your life at The Haven! Below you will find helpful information as you prepare for your freshman year of college...ahhhhhh! Exciting times await...

So you have applied, been accepted...what now? 


Well, many things will be happening over the next several months and you will undoubtedly have many questions. The information included here on this page is intended to answer some of those questions and address some of the concerns that you may have.

As always, you are encouraged to contact an admissions counselor for further assistance or more information.

Then, you need to do all of the following...

    1. Read our Guide for Freshmen
    2. Read the list of FAQs
    3. Connect with the Class of 2017 via Facebook
    4. Hear from Current Students via YouTube clips
    5. Learn About Resources and Businesses Around Town


Where are offices located?

You can find office locations at and building locations at

Below is a list of some of the main campus offices that first-time students may need to contact.  Clearfield Campus students may refer to for references or visit the main office on the Clearfield Campus for assistance.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions 

(broken down by department, for your convenience)

We've identified the main areas that cause students (and parents) concern or anxiety to help you navigate the way to and through The Haven!

  • Paying the deposit(Admissions)
  • LHU Email (IT Department)
  • Math Placement Exam (Math Department)
  • Schedules (Office of the Registrar)
  • Financial Aid (Financial Aid Office)
  • Billing (Student Accounts)
  • Housing (Office of Student Life & Housing)
  • Parking (Public Safety Office)
  • CampusSecurity (Public Safety Office)

We hope the information here will help answer your questions and address your concerns. If there are topics missing, please be sure to let us know. You can email to let us know what we should add.



How much is the deposit?

The enrollment deposit is $200. It is non-refundable, so it shouldn't be paid until the student is committed to attending.  Paying the deposit reserves a schedule for you and also housing


Is the amount different if I am commuting?

No, it is still $200. This deposit will reserve a schedule for students as well as a residence hall room for incoming freshmen who wish to reside on-campus.


How do I pay the deposit?

You may pay online with a credit card at . You will need to know your student ID number to do so. If you do not know your student ID number, you may use the "Lookup ID" feature at the bottom of the payment page.

If you wish to pay by check or money order, you should mail it to: Office of Admissions Lock Haven University Lock Haven, PA 17745



Each student is assigned a LHU email account, which will end with “”. This account is to be used for university business. Many offices will only correspond with students using this email account. It is critical that you set up your account AND check it on a regular basis. You may receive information at this account prior to your starting at LHU which will not apply to you. As the start of the semester approaches, you should pay close attention to messages received at this account.

**If you have not already received information about setting up your email account, it should arrive in your mail within the next few weeks. **



I am having trouble accessing the math placement exam. What should I do?

Are you using a Mac? Unfortunately, the exam must be taken on a PC. If you do not have one at home, please check with your local library or high school.

Make sure your browser meets the requirements outlined on the math placement website:

Students still experiencing issues with the math placement exam should email and/or

Be sure that you have set aside adequate time to take the exam as the test cannot be saved. If you quit before finishing the exam, you will be locked out and will need to email to have your test reset.

What if I miss the deadline?

You will still be able to take the exam, however, you may not be scheduled to take a math course during your first semester. This may also have an impact on other courses you may need to take, such as Principles of Chemistry.



The mission of the Housing Office is to provide an environment where our students can develop into mature, responsible, caring students who share and experience a common sense of community. On-campus housing provides convenience, high value, security, and a wide scope of programs and services designed specifically to help students succeed.


Can I pick my roommate?

Yes, but you both must make the request to room together.  If you know who you would like to room with, you may send your request in writing to the Housing Office.

One service that the Student Life/Housing Office provides is automated Housing placement for new students. In order to add to your experience with this process, we ask that you fill out our Roommate Profile.                      


What are the Residence Halls like?

Students at Lock Haven have four different housing options.  Students may live on-campus in “The Suites”, “The Halls”, or Campus Village, or once students earn sophomore status, they can choose to live off-campus at Evergreen Commons.  In total, we house over 1,700 students on-campus each year.

Fairview Suites is the newest housing option, which houses 686 students in two different suite configurations: 2 person private bedroom suite and the 2 person shared bedroom suite.

Building amenities include air conditioning, private in-suite bathroom, bedroom carpeting, wireless connectivity throughout, lodge-style lounge with fireplace, exhibition-style community kitchen, in complex laundry facilities, gameroom and multi-purpose rooms.

 For more information on LHU’s housing options, click here


What should I bring to college?

We have also learned over the years what students should and shouldn't bring to college. If you would like to learn from our experiences, check out

Contrary to what you may have received in the mail, LHU does not subscribe to a linen service. Our beds are standard twin beds and extra long sheets are not needed for our mattresses.


What is the food like?

Lock Haven University offers unparalleled variety and convenience when it comes to food services. The main campus features six dining opportunities, a great coffeehouse, a convenience store, and more -- all conveniently located near the residence halls. Learn more at:



Check back soon for dates and registration information!



Can I bring my car to campus?

YES!  Students may register a vehicle with the Public Safety Office. Learn more at



Does LHU have a safe campus?

We sure do. Read all about it in our annual secruity report available online at



What is the Registrar’s Office?

The Registrar’s Office is the keeper of a student’s academic record. The Registrar’s Office is responsible for student scheduling, processing grades, final graduation clearance, verification of enrollment and degrees, processing transcript requests, transfer credit evaluations, and administering academic policies.


How do I get my class schedule? Can I make changes? How do I make changes?

Your first semester schedule will be prepared by the Registrar’s Office. (If you will be attending the Clearfield campus, your first semester schedule will be prepared by the staff there.)

Changes can be made during the first week of classes, not before.

Changes are made using web registration. (See myHaven below )

If you attend summer orientation, you may receive a copy of what appears to be your first semester schedule. Please note that the schedule you receive at that time is not your final schedule. The Registrar’s Office (or Clearfield Office) may continue to make changes until the start of the semester. Please do not call the Registrar’s Office (or Clearfield Office) about your schedule as personal requests for changes cannot be accommodated.


How do I schedule classes next semester?

You will meet with your academic advisor in late October or early November to discuss next semester’s schedule. You will register for classes using web registration.

Information about registration will be sent to your LHU email account


When does the semester begin? Where can I find the semester calendar?

Classes begin Monday, August 25.

The academic calendar is available on the web at


Do I have to take any placement exams? How do I do that?

You are required to take a math placement exam. Instructions are available at if you want to begin to prepare. You will be receiving information about this in the mail; so please read it and carefully follow the steps.


I chose a major when I applied, but now I want to change it. How do I do that?

You may request to change your major until August 1 through the Office of Admissions by emailing

After that date, you will need to wait until the semester begins to change your major. At that time you will need to complete a change of major form.


What is an academic advisor and how will I get one?

An academic advisor is a faculty member in your chosen major who will guide you through your academic career at LHU. He/she will assist in course selection, discuss career options, as well as provide help and guidance when you have questions.

An advisor will be automatically assigned to you. You can locate your academic advisor by accessing myHaven. Please note that some advisors may not be assigned until the first week of classes. If you do not have an advisor, you may contact the department chairperson of your major.


How do I know what books are required for my classes? Do I have to buy them from the University Bookstore? When should I buy my books?

Some faculty will post their required books on the web. You will be able to see this information when you view your class schedule on the Student Information System. If the book is not listed, that does not necessarily mean that a book is not required. The bookstore will have more information.

You are not required to purchase books from the University Bookstore. Some students purchase books online or at other locations. Just be sure of the vendor’s refund/return policy so that you are able to return if necessary.


I will be a commuter, how do I get a parking pass?

Information about campus parking is available at

Clearfield campus students may refer to for information about campus parking.


How do I get my student ID card?

Student ID cards are available at the Parson’s Union Building (PUB), the week before classes start. Students must bring another valid form of ID and a completed OneCard Agreement form.

Clearfield campus students may refer to for information about ID cards


When will I receive my fall semester bill?

Your fall semester bill will be mailed from the University in mid to late-July.

Bills must be paid by the due date indicated on the billing statement.

The Registrar's Office is responsible for student scheduling and registration, processing grades, graduation clearance, verifying enrollment and degrees, maintaining the student's official academic record, processing transcript requests, transfer credit evaluations, and administering academic policies.

Many forms needed throughout your academic career can be found at the Registrar’s Office website.


Lock Haven University email account-

Each student is assigned an email account. This account is to be used for university business. Many offices will only correspond with students using this email account. It is important that you set up your account and check it. You may receive information at this account prior to your starting at LHU which will not apply to you. However, closer to the time the semester begins, you should pay close attention to messages received at this account.

If you have not already received information about setting up your email account, it should be arriving in your mail within the next couple of weeks.



What is myHaven ? It is the new Web portal that grants current students, faculty, and staff secure access to administrative data stored in the University's student information system. It replaces most of the Web access previously known as Web-R, CARS, or simply Registration & Student Advising. However, it is more than the previous Web functions and promises to provide better and more timely administrative information to the University community.

To log-in: use the same username (without the and password as for e-mail. Example

Logging out: When you are finished working in myHaven you should click the "Logout" link at the top of the page to the right of your name.


How to verify enrollment for insurance, deferments, etc.

Students are able to process, anytime day or night, their own verification of enrollment at LHU. By following the steps below, students access the National Student Clearinghouse website and print an Enrollment Verification Certificate. The National Student Clearinghouse is the university's agent for verifying enrollment. The document printed from the Clearinghouse's website includes a statement indicating this and also includes a watermark to ensure originality.

Updated enrollment data is provided to the Clearinghouse on the fifth of every month during the semester.

Log in to the student information system using your student ID and PIN.

Select National Student Clearinghouse. Read the screen and proceed as indicated.

From the National Student Clearinghouse website, select 'Obtain an enrollment certificate'.

Print the document that appears on the screen and mail to the requestor for enrollment verification.

In very limited instances, recipients may require additional information for their enrollment verification process. Therefore, if you still require a form from the university, select the Enrollment Verification Request form; print it; complete it; and mail or fax as indicated. We suggest, though that you first use the Student Self-Service process

Probation/Suspension Policy

Students must maintain at least a 2.000 cumulative grade point average to avoid probation and suspension. Letters notifying students of these actions will be mailed to the student at his/her home address. Carefully review the policy.

If you decide not to attend, you must notify the university. If you do not, you will be responsible for tuition and fees and you will receive failing grades. This may impact your ability to subsequently enroll at LHU or to enroll at another college or university.

Keep in mind that a lot of the information you will need as a student is available online at and at



When it comes to paying the bill, there are two main offices involved:

Financial Aid-
The FInancial Aid staff evaluates student FAFSAs (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and determines eligibility for federal and state financial aid programs, including loans.

Student Accounts-
The Student Accounts staff prepares and distributes bills for tuition, fees, room, and board. This office accepts payments, offers a third-party monthly payment plan, disburses financial aid, and issues refunds.



How can I pay for a college education?

This is a question many students and parents ask themselves, especially when they consider that earning an undergraduate degree typically requires four years of study.

Here at Lock Haven University, we are committed to providing everyone with an opportunity to receive an excellent education . . . without regard to a family's financial status. We fulfill this commitment by answering your questions and guiding you through financial aid applications, by coordinating and allotting scholarship and other aid programs, and by providing Federal Work Study and campus employment opportunities. The commitment is strong: approximately $40 million is awarded through the various programs annually.

About 80% of our students receive some form of financial aid. We understand that without it, many students simply couldn't afford an education. We also know that the entire financial aid application process can seem confusing. Within these pages, we have covered the most common areas of questions and concern.


What types of financial aid are available at Lock Haven University?

As a student at LHU, you may qualify for federal and state financial aid including the: Federal Pell Grant; Federal Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG); National SMART Grant; Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG); Federal TEACH Grant; Pennsylvania State Grant; Federal Work Study Program; Federal Perkins Loan; Federal Direct Stafford Loan; and Federal Direct PLUS Loan.


Is it possible to receive financial aid for distance education?

Yes. In general, the same type of federal and state financial aid available to students taking traditional, classroom courses is available to students taking online courses. All students must be degree-seeking, academically eligible, and for most financial aid programs, enrolled at least half-time. Federal Pell Grants may be available to eligible undergraduate students enrolled less than half-time. Financial aid packages for undergraduate students may consist of grants, work study, and loans, while most aid for graduate students comes from federal loan sources.

Important Note for Undergraduate Students Enrolled in Online Programs (e.g. RN to BSN program)--LHU students enrolled in online, undergraduate degree programs do not qualify for Pennsylvania (PA) State Grants administered by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA). PHEAA requires that at least 50 percent of an online program’s course requirements be completed through traditional, classroom instruction in order for students in those programs to receive state grant funding. For example, students enrolled in LHU’s RN to BSN program do not qualify for PA State Grant because all courses required for that program are delivered online.


How do I know if it is worth applying for financial aid?

Unfortunately, that's not an easy question to answer. Because many factors (e.g. household size, number of family members in college, income, certain assets, etc.) are considered in the determination of your eligibility for financial aid, it is difficult to estimate your eligibility based on income alone. The Student Financial Services Office recommends that every student apply for financial aid at least once to have his or her eligibility reviewed. Keep in mind that, in general, any accepted student is eligible for some type of financial assistance (e.g. Federal Stafford Loans) regardless of his or her calculated financial need.


How do I apply for Financial Aid?

To apply for both federal and state financial aid programs, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA online at . More information about the LHU financial aid application process can be found via the LHU home page at .


The FAFSA asks for Lock Haven University’s Federal School Code. What is it?

Lock Haven University’s Federal School Code is 003323


What are the application deadlines or suggested completion dates for the filing of a FAFSA?

Students are able to complete the FAFSA beginning January 1st of the year they will enroll in college (e.g. January 1, 2012 for the 2012-2013 academic year). The Student Financial Services Office recommends that students complete the FAFSA each yearby March 15th. Late applicants will be considered on a fundsavailable basis.


My parent(s) can’t help me with college expenses. Does that mean I’ll receive more money?

Financial aid programs are based on the belief that students (and their parents or spouses, if applicable) have primary responsibility for paying their educational expenses. If you are a dependent student, your parent’s inability to assist you with expenses should be evident from the information you and your parent provide on the FAFSA form. Although it may mean a significantly increased amount of debt, which should be carefully considered, most students can cover their educational expenses with the help of available financial aid programs. 


Does applying as an independent student increase my financial aid eligibility?

The financial aid eligibility of an independent student is determined solely from a review of his or her own (and spouse’s, if applicable) information as reported on the FAFSA. It is important to note that a student cannot simply decide to file as an independent student. He or she must meet one of the criteria for financial aid purposes to be considered independent. For the 2011-2012 academic year, you are independent for financial aid purposes if at least one of the following applies:

You were born before January 1, 1989 ( for the 2012-2013 academic year);

you’re enrolled in a graduate or professional educational program (beyond a bachelor’s degree);

you’re married;

you're currently serving on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces for purposes other than training;

you’re a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces;

you have children for whom you will provide more than half support from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012;

you have dependents (other than your children or spouse) for whom you provide more than half support, now and through June 30, 2012.

at any time since you turned age 13, both your parents were deceased, you were in foster care OR you were a dependent or ward of the court;

you are or were an emancipated minor as determined by a court in your state of legal residence;

you are or were in legal guardianship as determined by a court in your state of legal residence;

at any time on or after July 1, 2010, your high school or school district homeless liaison determined that you were an unaccompanied youth who was homeless;

at any time on or after July 1, 2010, the director of an emergency shelter or transitional housing program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development determined that you were an unaccompanied youth who was homeless.

at any time on or after July 1, 2010, the director of a runaway or homeless youth basic center or transitional living program determined that you were an unaccompanied youth who was homeless or were self-supporting and at risk of being homeless.

Note : If you have unusual circumstances that you feel make you independent even though none of the above criteria applies to you, please contact the Student Financial Services Office to discuss your situation.


I was selected for federal verification. What does that mean?

Verification is a process the Department of Education uses to make sure that the information reported on the FAFSA is accurate and true. Some FAFSA applications are selected because of inconsistent information and others are chosen at random. For applications that are selected, the Student Financial Services Office requests copies of student's and parents' (if dependent) federal tax returns and W-2s as well as completion of a verification form. The Student Financial Services Office then compares information on the tax returns and other documents to the FAFSA and corrects any errors. The student is notified of any corrections made and the effect the changes have had on his or her aid eligibility. For more information about verification, click here.


Our family has special circumstances (e.g. recent loss or reduction of income, considerable un-reimbursed medical or dental expenses, etc.). Can the SFS Office consider these circumstances when reviewing my eligibility for financial aid?

Please contact the Student Financial Services Office to discuss any special circumstances you feel might affect the amount you and your family can contribute toward your educational expenses. A staff member will determine whether your eligibility for financial aid can be reevaluated due to your family’s special circumstances.


When will I know how much financial aid I am eligible to receive?

The Student Financial Services Office begins sending Financial Aid Award Letters to new freshmen and transfer students in March. Most new freshmen receive their Financial Aid Award Letters by the end of May. Transfer students are awarded once they pay their admission deposit and after LHU receives and evaluates their final college transcripts.


What is the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized Direct Stafford Loans?

Federal Direct Subsidized Stafford Loans are need-based loans available to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at least half-time. The government pays the interest to the lender on behalf of qualified borrowers for as long as students are enrolled at least half-time in a degree-seeking program and for six months thereafter, at which time repayment of the principal and interest must begin. Payment is deferred if the student returns to school. 

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans are non-need-based loans available to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at least half-time. The government does not pay the interest to lenders on behalf of the borrowers. Repayment of the interest is the student's responsibility from the date the loan is disbursed and may be paid or capitalized (added) to the principal balance of the loan. Repayment of principal does not begin until six months after the student drops below half-time. Payment is deferred if the student returns to school.

In addition, interest rates on subsidized and unsubsidized loans may vary.


I don't need the entire Federal Direct Stafford (or Direct PLUS) Loan amount that's been approved. How can I reduce the loan amount?

Student and parent borrowers may reduce or cancel their approved loans by completing a Loan Change/Cancellation Form . 


I received a Financial Aid Award Letter, but need more money than I’ve been offered. What else is available?

The Student Financial Services Office provides information about educational loan programs and payment options with each Financial Aid Award Letter.

If you're considering an educational loan like a parent PLUS or alternative loan, please apply early. The Student Financial Services Office will process your loan and other financial aid applications as quickly as possible. These processes, from the time of application to the disbursement of those funds, normally take at least 14 to 21 business days. During peak processing periods, they may take longer. Here are some things you can do to help.

Apply early to allow sufficient time for the processing of your application. Even with today's technology, the fact is that the processing of most financial aid and loan applications takes time. Apply for parent PLUS and/or Alternative Loans at least 4 to 6 weeks before those funds are needed to pay educational expenses.

Respond in a timely manner to any requests for additional information (i.e. proof of income, etc.) that you receive from SFS and/or your lender.

Be patient. It takes time for our staff to process the large volume of applications received. Periodically checking on the status of your application is a good idea. You may call us at 570-484-2344, email us at , or stop by the office, 123 Russell Hall, to inquire during office hours. 


Where can I find a list of all my student loans?

You can find information about your federal (i.e. Title IV) student loans by logging into the National Student Loan Data System at You may use the web site to make inquiries about your federal loans (e.g. Stafford, Perkins) and/or federal grants (e.g. Pell). You can also find information on loan and/or grant amounts, outstanding balances, loan statuses, and disbursements. In addition, the site lists the names your loan servicers and organizations that send bills, collect loan payments, process requests for deferment of payment, etc. At this time, there is no single web site where you can obtain information on all your private, alternative loans. However, information about those loans may be reflected on your credit report .


What is an overaward?

Federal and state regulations require SFS to consider all sources of financial assistance when awarding aid. Those sources include things like scholarships (LHU or private), athletic grants, tuition waivers, VA education benefits, and alternative loans. If your Financial Aid Award Letter did not include all of the assistance you are receiving, chances are SFS was not aware of all your awards when your financial aid was packaged. The addition of other aid sources may cause an overaward, which means that SFS may have to reduce one or more of your awards. For example, if SFS awarded you your maximum eligibility of $17,700 in financial aid, and then you receive a $2000 scholarship, SFS may be required to reduce the aid awarded by $2,000 to keep you within the $17,700 limit. You can help prevent an overaward by informing SFS of all sources of financial assistance as soon as you know about them.


Where can I get information about scholarships?

Information regarding scholarship opportunities for incoming freshman is available online at

Other possible sources of scholarship information include: your high school guidance office; libraries; employers; unions; churches; civic organizations; chambers of commerce; and the internet. The following web sites provide financial aid and/or scholarship information: , , , , , www.student; and .


When will I receive the fall semester bill?

You will receive the fall semester bill from the Student Financial Services Office by the end of July. All awarded federal and state financial aid will be listed on the bill and deducted from your fall semester charges. If any of your federal, state, or other financial aid is not listed on your bill, please contact the Student Financial Services Office for assistance. Please note that Federal Work Study will not be listed on the bill. Students employed under the Federal Work Study Program receive bi-weekly paychecks for wages earned. Additional billing information can be found at


Does Lock Haven University offer a payment plan?

Yes, LHU offers a very affordable monthly payment plan, which is administered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS). Information about the TMS payment plan is available online at .


The amount of financial aid I’m receiving exceeds my bill. Can I use my refund to buy my books? 

Financial aid refunds may be used for any educational expenses a student incurs, including books. Keep in mind, however, that the Student Financial Services Office cannot guarantee that your refund will be available in time for you to buy your books. Therefore, you should plan to use other funds to buy your books. In general, students spend $400-550 per semester on books and supplies.


I’d like to work on campus. How do I find out about jobs?

The LHU Career Services Office posts job openings at . Student employment forms are available online at .

For information about jobs available through the Parsons Union Building (PUB) or Bentley Dining Hall (i.e. Food Service), inquire directly at those locations. 


SFS Tools and Helpers

Visit the following site to find lots of great tools and helpers to assist you with paying for college.



Student Accounts bills to students for each term in which they are enrolled. Most bills are mailed to the student’s permanent address. However, bills for International Students are sent to their LHU email address. Students can also obtain a bill by contacting SFS or by viewing their charges on the Student Information System via the LHU website as you would to view your class schedule. It is the student’s responsibility to contact SFS if he does not receive a bill or if he makes changes that affect his student account balance after he is billed. The student bill includes charges for tuition, fees, housing and meal plans. Tuition and fees are based upon the number of credits for which the student is registered. Charges for any changes made after the semester has begun are due immediately.

To view a sample student bill, click here .

Billing dates for all enrollment terms can be found by clicking here . To avoid a late fee and a hold on a future class registration, please pay any balance due by the bill due date. Not receiving a bill does not negate the obligation to pay, nor does it extend the due date.


Payment Options:

Full Payment Payment of the full balance due by the due date printed on the bill.

TMS Monthly Payment Plan Tuition Management Systems/Monthly Payment Plan (TMS) participants receive a student bill, which includes the Fall portion of the payment plan budget subtracted from the total charges. Any balance due indicates that your account is under budget. You will need to pay the balance due to LHU or increase your payments with TMS. Any credit balance (negative amount) due indicates that you are over budget. In this case you may lower your payments with TMS or receive a refund check from LHU at the end of the plan in May. 

Please contact TMS to make budget adjustments. Any questions regarding your budget under the TMS Payment Plan should be directed to (888) 285-3052 or online at

Sending your payment Please use the envelope provided to send your payment. The return envelope shows a Cleveland Post Office Box. This is the correct address. Please use this envelope for mailing all payments with a bill stub.

Please send all other correspondence including scholarship information and payments without a bill stub to:

Lock Haven University Student Financial Services 118 Russell Hall Lock Haven, PA 17745


Making your payment online

To make a payment online via MasterCard, Discover Card, or electronic check (eCheck), log into the Student Information System as you would to view your class schedule. Then click on the Student Payments link on the left side of the screen. The rest is easy; simply follow the instructions. Visa is not accepted.


Financial aid awards

Financial aid awards that have been finalized or received by the billing date will be reflected on the bill. Students who are anticipating other financial assistance not listed on their bill (e.g. outside scholarship), should submit documentation of the award to the Student Accounts Office. Additionally, students must notify Student Accounts if they will be using their TAP account and must provide supporting documentation. If a Federal Stafford Loan has been awarded to a student, the bill will reflect the amount awarded. If the bill does not list a Stafford Loan, and the student intends to borrow, the student should contact the Financial Aid Office. A student can view their financial aid on the web by logging into myHaven.


Items not reflected on the bill

When you receive a bill, which you believe will be covered by financial aid but the aid is not reflected on the bill, follow these steps:

List the financial aid award(s) on the top portion of this bill and deduct the amount(s) from the balance due. Provide proof of the award (e.g. copy of your Financial Aid Award Notice, loan approval, athletic grant contract, scholarship notification). Return the top portion with payment for any balance due by the due date on the bill.

If the amount of your financial aid exceeds your charges, list your financial aid and return the top portion of the bill. Student Financial Services will process your financial aid, and refunds are available after the semester begins once the financial aid has been received and credited to your student account.

If you are a LHU Athletic Award recipient, list and deduct the amount of your award. The award will not be posted to your account until the scholarship is received from the Athletic Department.


Late payment fee

All payments being mailed must be received and posted by SFS prior to each due date. Accounts that do not meet payment deadlines will be assessed a $50 late payment fee. Therefore, it is important to allow sufficient time for your payment to be received and posted by our office. Because of potential delays in the U.S. mail, we encourage all students to pay electronically.


Disputing a late fee

All late fee disputes must be submitted in writing to the SFS office within the enrollment term of the late fee assessment. Late fee disputes will be reviewed and a decision will be made within 30 days, at which time the student will be notified in writing via his/her LHU email account. Late fee disputes will only be reviewed if a written petition has been filed and the account has been paid in full. The petition must be submitted by the student and should include the student’s name and ID number, the term the late fee was charged, and the circumstances to be reviewed. If approved, a refund will be issued.


Balance due on account

A statement of account will be sent each month after the semester begins for all accounts with a past due balance. If you were expecting financial aid, which has not yet been applied to your account, please contact the Financial Aid Office or the third party payer (i.e. lender, scholarship). If a student’s charges, as listed on his original bill, change after the semester has begun, any additional charges are due immediately. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain a bill and to satisfy the balance on the account. Students can obtain a bill by contacting Student Accounts or by viewing their charges in myHaven.


Hold Notice

A student account with a balance due after the start of the semester will be subject to a hold on registration and records. The hold will remain on the account until payment is made in full. A hold prevents the student from registering, receiving transcripts, and receiving a diploma.


Returned Check Charge

A charge of $25 will be assessed to the student account when the bank returns a check due to insufficient funds.


Student Refunds

Refund checks are processed on a weekly basis after classes begin. Students will receive an e-mail when the refund has been processed. The check will be available 5 business days from the date of the e-mail for students who attend main campus. 

All checks will be mailed for students attending the Clearfield campus, for students taking only web-based courses, and for students who have a Parent Plus loan.

Any refund check not picked up within two weeks of receiving the e-mail will be mailed to the student's permanent address. 

Please keep in mind that refunds are generated only after a credit balance is created on the account. A refund check is processed when financial aid or loans are received by the university and posted to the student account. Any problems with this process could delay the availability of the refund check. All first-time Federal Direct Stafford loan borrowers must complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) and entrance counseling in order for a Stafford Loan to be disbursed. For information on the Stafford Loan application process, please click here . No financial aid or loans will be disbursed for students who have been selected for verification until the requirements are completed.

Because financial aid can change for part-time students, refund checks are not generated until Student Financial Services reviews the financial aid. Refund checks for part-time students are normally available 3-4 weeks after the semester begins.

Students with concerns about their refunds should contact Student Financial Services after the first week of each semester.