Master of Education: Educational Leadership

Lock Haven University’s M.Ed. Educational Leadership program prepares candidates for their role as school leaders in the complex and exciting field of education.  Inspired leaders who possess superior knowledge, effective operational skills, problem solving capacity and commitment are critical to school and student success.

Professional Preparation

The Master of Education in Educational Leadership degree is appropriate for, but not limited to, the following:

    • Future educational leaders who have an interest in seeking Principal Certification
    • Individuals teaching in a wide range of settings across all grade levels: e.g., public; private; charter; alternative; intermediate units, and correctional.
    • Current educational leaders interested in increasing their skills and knowledge and enhancing their educational leadership skills
    • Individuals interested in developing skills to become educational change agents

The program is designed to meet the Pennsylvania Inspired Leadership (PIL) standards developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Enrollment Requirements

Students must meet the minimum requirements to be accepted into the Educational Leadership Program.The program has been approved by Lock Haven University, The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

    • An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Pennsylvania Teaching Certification
    • Minimum of three years classroom teaching experience
    • Desire to earn Principal Certification

Admissions and Application Process

To complete the admissions procedure, students must submit;

    1. An online application,
    2. Three letters of recommendation,
    3. A writing sample,
    4. Official college transcripts,
    5. A statement regarding the candidate's interest in earning a principal certification,
    6. A copy of PA teaching certification.

Lock Haven University Graduates do not have to request transcripts; the Office of Graduate Admissions will do this for you.

Writing Sample:
Review a pertinent scholarly journal article or report published in a recent professional journal. The topic must be related to leadership in education. Include the problem or issue, the author's viewpoint and supporting ideas. Also include your professional opinion in the final paragraphs of the essay. Your essay should not exceed 300 words. (You must submit a copy of the full text of the article along with your essay.)

Writing samples, letters of recommendation, statements of interest in principal certification and teaching certificate may be sent via email to or faxed to 570-484-2201.

The mailing address is:

Lock Haven University
Office of Admissions ATTN: Graduate
401 N Fairview St.
Lock Haven PA 17745

Enrollment Periods

Lock Haven University offers two enrollment periods: Fall and Spring Semesters. Students can enter the program during the summer sessions but will be officially enrolled in the following fall semester.

 Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and decisions are rendered after the receipt of all admissions documents.

 Transfer Credits

There are no elective course options in the Educational Leadership Program. Transfer Credits may be accepted from Pennsylvania Department of Education approved Educational Leadership/ Educational Administration Programs. Other transfer courses are considered on a case-by-case basis A maximum of nine transfer credits will be accepted. The Program Coordinator must review all transfer credits for approval.

Transfer Credit Approval Forms are available on the University website through the Registrar's Office.

Program Delivery

The program is a masterful combination of online coursework, mentoring, on-site supervision, job-embedded assignments, case study, field experience and research.  This allows educators to work from their school or home for much of the coursework and obtain the remaining components of the experience in on-site experiences.  LHU faculty members and school district partners supervise and mentor extensive field experience opportunities throughout the entire year. 

 A web-based online format takes advantage of leading edge technology to deliver the curriculum.  Streaming audio and video, threaded discussion, real-time chat discussions, document sharing and other instructional methods make it possible for candidates to be active and engaged in their learning. Degree candidates follow the standard university schedule- 15 week fall and spring semesters, and two five-week condensed summer sessions.  Course work is asynchronous, allowing students to study at times convenient to the student.

Our Curriculum

Principals must be visionary in their approach to supervision, expert in curriculum and assessment, skilled in management and administration, and extraordinary in their ability to develop relationships.  Lock Haven University faculty members are committed to providing the support you will need to excel and lead schools toward goals of higher levels of student achievement. 

The Educational Leadership curriculum is aligned with standards established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC).

Program Sequence

The M.Ed. Educational Leadership requires completion of 36 credit hours and a professional portfolio.*  Full-time students enroll in 6 or 9 credits per semester.  Part-time students enroll in a minimum of 3 credits per semester.  In general, students take 2 to 3 years to complete the program (full time students may complete the program in 1 ½ years). 

Course Sequence: The following list represents the recommended course sequence for M.Ed. Educational Leadership degree candidates:

The Introduction to Educational Leadership is ideally taken as the first course.

EDLD 600      Introduction to Educational Leadership

The six courses in this sequence are core courses and should be taken in any order following the EDLD 600 course.

EDLD 612      Instructional Strategies

EDLD 630      Leadership skills for curriculum development

EDLD 620      Leadership and Supervision

EDLD 625      Special Education Administration

EDLD 602      School Law

EDLD 607      Professional Development in Schools

The five courses in the final sequence are Supervision, Field Experience and Research courses.  The recommended order is listed here.  Candidate advisors and course instructors may alter this sequence based upon individual needs.

EDLD 615      Supervision: Child Development

EDLD 650      Supervision: Curriculum Issues

EDLD 680      Supervision: Leadership and Administrative Issues

EDLD 692      Reflective Practice and the Design of Action Research

EDLD 694      Supervised Advanced Field Experiences

Other Requirements: Professional Portfolio; Exit Writing Sample; Exit Survey

Additional Information: The Educational Leadership faculty members provide Early Career Mentoring for graduates of the program

*This statement is a general guide.  Please check with your advisor for specific program requirements at the time of your matriculation.