PA Director Credential

About the PA Director Credential

The Director Credential is designed for directors and administrators of early childhood and school-age programs in Pennsylvania that are part of the Keystone STARS program. Graduate courses in Early Childhood Education at Lock Haven University can be taken to complete this Credential. Lock Haven University offers five 100% online graduate courses in Early Childhood Education. Students pursuing the Director Credential take one required course and two electives (9 credits) to apply toward the Credential.

These 9 credits can also be counted toward the elective course options of Lock Haven University's Online Masters of Education degrees in Teaching and Learning, and Alternative Education. Completion of three Early Childhood courses can also earn the degree seeking student a Concentration in Early Childhood Education.

Our Faculty

All courses are taught by full-time, tenured Early Childhood Education faculty. All Early Childhood Education faculty hold their doctoral degrees and are experienced classroom teachers. They are actively involved in professional associations and presentations at conferences throughout the state, as well as nationally and internationally. They are dedicated teachers in the college as well as in the early childhood classrooms. Their open door policy means that they are always available to answer your questions, help you solve problems and prepare you for your future teaching career.

Dr. Susan Ashley (Curriculum & Instruction)
Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Elizabeth Manlove (Human Development & Family Studies)
Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Christine Remley , Chair (Instructional Systems Design)
Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Denise Tyson (Curriculum & Instruction)
Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University

Program Benefits

  • Nationally Accredited Through NCATE - National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Alignment
  • Meets Continuing Education Requirements
  • Convenience of Online Delivery
  • Low Out of Pocket Expenses



All Early Childhood Education Courses, and Master of Education programs offered by Lock Haven are fully accredited through the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). The courses are aligned with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.  Aside from the certification process the program provides skill and knowledge sets indicative of an accomplished teacher.


Before beginning coursework, those interested in pursuing the Director Credential using Early Childhood Education graduate classes at Lock Haven University should contact —

Elizabeth E. Manlove,
Ph.D.Associate Professor and Program Coordinator
PreK-4/Early Childhood Education

Tuition Assistance

The PA Keys offers a college tuition reimbursement voucher that can be applied toward courses taken for the Director Credential. Further information is available at:

Application for Director Credential

While coursework for the Director Credential is completed at Lock Haven University, the Credential is awarded by the PA Keys. The student is responsible for applying for the Director Credential directly to the PA Key. Information on the application process is available on the PA Keys website:

Course Registration

Students can register for these courses as a non-degree seeking student in a matter of minutes, via the online  Walk-In Registration form. These 9 credits can also be counted toward the elective course options of Lock Haven University's Online Masters of Education degrees in Teaching and Learning, and Alternative Education.

Course Descriptions

ECED 605 Advanced Child Development
A review of theories for viewing diversity in development from infancy through middle childhood.  These theories are then applied to key diversity factors shaping development.  Students are provided with the opportunity to explore several of these factors in-depth and to examine and analyze the implications for teaching and learning.

ECED 610 Childhood Play: Theory and Practice
An in-depth look at play theories, and the importance of play in child development and learning.

ECED 615 Family, Community & Educational Collaboration
An overview of frameworks for viewing educational collaboration from a family and community perspective.  These two factors are explored in-depth to examine and analyze their implications for teaching and learning.

ECED 620: Assessment, Observation, and Evaluation
A detailed look at various methods of assessment and evaluation, theories of measurement, and the role of assessment as an essential part of the instructional process.

ECED 625: Leadership in Early Childhood Education
Designed to provide graduate students with opportunities to identify and examine critical leadership issues in early childhood education programs for children from birth to age 5.  Leadership is defined broadly to include leadership within the early childhood program (e.g., with staff and families) as well as in the community and in advocating for the field. 

On-line Delivery

This program takes advantage of leading edge technology to deliver the curriculum. Streaming audio, streaming video, threaded discussion, journaling, real-time chat discussions, document sharing and other instructional methods make it possible to create active and engaged learning communities. The discussions are tremendously engaging and the opportunities for learners to explore areas of interest and bring findings back to classmates for discussion, input and feedback are highly valuable to the process.

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