Master of Science Sport Science

About the Program

Graduate study in sport science provides advanced preparation for those who love sports and wish to pursue sport-related careers. Graduates of the Sport Administration track are prepared for careers ranging from marketing, sales and sponsorship to event planning and facility management in professional, amateur, educational and community sport settings. Having examined how psychological factors influence sport performance and physical activity participation and how sport and physical activity involvement affect psychological well-being, graduates of the Sport and Exercise Psychology track are prepared to help athletes and others achieve optimal performance.

For detailed information about the Online Sport Science Program, Download a Copy of the Sport Science Graduate Program Handbook.  The Handbook is formatted as a PDF file. 

Professional Preparation

The Master of Science in Sport Science program is advanced preparation for the professions of:

    • Sport Marketing
    • Sport Sales and Sponsorship
    • Event Planning
    • Facility Management
    • Athletic Administration
    • Coaching
    • Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology Consulting
    • Athlete Development and Support

Program Mission

Upon completion of the Master of Science in Sport Science program, a student will be better prepared to:

    • Formulate strong understanding of research methods and the foundations underlying sport science including socio-cultural, philosophical and psychological perspectives.

    • Appraise the impact of psychological factors including stress/anxiety on sport/exercise performance and structure mental skills training programs with consideration of developmental, lifespan issues for individuals and groups including injured athletes and athletes in transition.

    • Classify hierarchies in sport organizations and model how to resolve conflicts between competing parties through effective leadership and personnel management.

    • Manage sport events including planning, evaluating, marketing and public relations.

    • Create the vision and goals, including financial, of an organization and successfully convey and gain commitment to them.

    • Demonstrate knowledge of legal issues relevant to sport organizations including sport personnel and the ability to determine appropriate solutions to legal problems.

Program Curriculum

The Master of Science in Sport Science program is a 30 credit online degree program with tracks in Sport Administration and Sport and Exercise Psychology.   The program includes a shared core as well as separate classes for each track.


Shared Core (9 credits)
Research Methods in Sport Science

Sport in American Culture
Ethics in Sport

Sport and Exercise Psychology Track Required (15 credits)
Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology
Sport and Exercise Psychology across the Lifespan
Sport Psychology for Performance Enhancement
Psychology of Athletic Injury and Recovery
Capstone Project

Sport Administration Track Required (15 - 18 credits)
Leadership in Sport Organizations
Financial Management in Sport
Marketing and Public Relations in Sport
Legal and Policy Issues in Sport
Advanced Field Experience (6 Credits)
Capstone Project and One Elective Course

Elective Courses
Electives can be any graduate level course that supports the student’s interest and is approved by the academic advisor.

Admissions Process

To complete the admissions process, students must submit:

    1. Online application
    2. Official college transcripts
    3. Three letters of recommendation
    4. Statement of professional goals

On-line Delivery

100% online, web-based delivery enables working adults the flexibility to progress through the program on a part-time basis, at a reasonable pace, without interrupting their career. The program will also accommodate traditional and non-traditional students to attend on a full-time or part-time basis. No campus visits or on-campus residencies are required.

Web-based delivery designed to maximize the efficient use of technology for online teaching and learning, while maintaining a personal, one-to-one mentoring and supervision relationship with degree candidates.   

The web-based online format takes advantage of leading edge technology to deliver the curriculum. Streaming audio and video, threaded discussion, journaling, real-time chat discussions, document sharing and other instructional methods make it possible to create active and engaged learning communities. In addition to the individual work, group work is accomplished in the online environment through document sharing, e-mail, threaded discussion, and other capabilities. 

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Student Testimonials

As a coach and teacher who is constantly busy, the LHU MS Sport Science Program is set up perfectly for me because I can do the class work on my own time.  I was initially nervous about the online format because I ask a lot of questions, but I found that I learned a lot more by doing assignments on my own.  Also, the format of the class gives me chances to contact teachers and peers frequently which helps a lot.  With the hope of becoming an Athletic Director down the road, I believe that the material being taught in this program will ultimately help me achieve my goal.  Although I only took 2 courses so far, I know that I made the right choice by choosing LHU for achieve my Master's degree.  

David Jake Wartella


The LHU MS Sports Science Program is great. The work itself is relatively recent to today's issues, problems and concerns which makes it very interested to learn about. For the total work load to be online, the professors really make sure you understand the assignments. I love the fact that I don't have to sit in a classroom yet have the same access to professors if I have any questions. I'm able to work full time while getting my masters which enables me to gain more work experience to go along which furthering my education. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to capitalize on both work and education.

Peaches Nesmith
Assistant Events Manager
Lock Haven University