Information for Incoming Freshmen


When To Apply for Admission

The Office of Admissions operates on a rolling admissions basis. Students are encouraged to apply for admission in the fall of their senior year. Typically, decisions are rendered within 10-12 business days after their application and all required documents are received by the Admissions Office. During our peak application times (November-January), the process may take longer.


High School Curriculum

A high school curriculum that includes college preparatory courses in English, social studies, math and science. Two years of foreign language are preferred but not mandatory. A high school curriculum that is college preparatory in nature does not include technical, vocational or applied courses. An acceptable college preparatory curriculum includes academic courses that are specifically geared toward preparing a student for college. Although Honors or Advanced Placement (AP) courses are not required for admission, they do carry extra weight in the application review process.

Recommended High School Curriculum:
4 units
4 units
Algebra I & Higher Math
3 units
4 units
Social Science
3 units
4 units
Natural Science
(Biology, Chemistry and one other)
3 units
(2 with labs)
4 units
Foreign Language
OR Academic Electives
2 units
4 units



To be considered for admission, a student needs to demonstrate academic achievement in the classroom. The Admissions Office will look closely at a student's academic performance in core subject areas throughout his/her high school career. First marking period grades from the senior year may also be requested.

A student's high school rank and GPA will be highly considered in the application review process.


SAT/ACT Scores

Standardized test scores are evaluated after curriculum and grades have been closely reviewed but are not used as the only criteria for admission. The Office of Admissions considers only the critical reasoning (verbal) and math scores. The writing score will not be used in the admissions decision process.

SAT and ACT test scores take at least four weeks to arrive in the Office of Admissions following the exam date. An additional week must be allowed for posting and review of scores.

Students who graduated from high school three or more years prior to applying for admission are not required to submit SAT/ACT scores.


Extracurricular Activities

It is not required that a student be involved in extracurricular activities, but the Admissions Office does look favorably upon students who have been active in clubs, organizations and athletics and/or worked throughout high school.