Associate of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice

This two-year degree will prepare you for a career in law enforcement, corrections, law, and government. It is specifically designed for transfer to a four-year (bachelor’s degree) program in Criminal Justice with junior standing. You will receive a comprehensive base in law enforcement, corrections, social problems, juvenile delinquency, and racial and ethnic relations. The program emphasizes critical thinking, creative problem solving, ethical decision-making, and support for and understanding of Constitutional protections for the people of the United States. Careers include correction officer, police officer or detective, deputy sheriff, paralegal, police dispatcher, bailiff, immigration guard, legal transcriber, probation officer or court reporter.

General Education Requirements 36 sh*
Wellness, Skills & Science Core 9 sh
English Composition 3 sh
Speech 3 sh
Mathematics 3 sh
Humanities (3 sh in at least 2 categories) 6 sh
Art/Music/Theater 3 sh
Literature 3 sh
Philosophy 3 sh
Social & Behavioral Sciences 9 sh
World History 3 sh
Intro to Sociology 3 sh
Intro to Psychology 3 sh
Lab Science 3 sh
General Education Electives 6 sh
Health & Physical Education 3 sh

Major Requirements 24 sh
Core Requirements
Introduction to Computers 3 sh
Social Problems 3 sh
Racial & Ethnic Relations 3 sh
Juvenile Delinquency 3 sh
Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 sh
Introduction to Law Enforcement 3 sh
Criminal Law 3 sh
Corrections 3 sh
Total 60 sh