Associate of Science in Management

This two-year program is designed to help you achieve a variety of educational objectives. If you are just entering the workforce, you will be well prepared for a variety of jobs in a broad range of industries and organizations such as office manager, accounting clerk or administrative support. If you have already been working, you will be able to seek advancement in your present job with greater responsibility or find new employment in a wide variety of businesses and nonprofit organizations. This is also a step to further your education since your credits from the two-year program can be applied to your Bachelor’s degree in Business either at Clearfield or at the Lock Haven University campus.

General Education Requirements 27 sh*
Wellness, Skills & Science Core 15 sh
English Composition 3 sh
Mathematics (Basic Statistics required) 3 sh
Speech 3 sh
Natural Science 3 sh
Wellness 3 sh

Humanities 6 sh
(6 sh in at least 2 categories)
Art/Music/Theater 3 sh
Literature 3 sh
Philosophy 3 sh

Social & Behavioral Sciences 6 sh
(Economics plus one 3 sh)
World History 3 sh
Political Science 3 sh
Economics (required) 3 sh
Psychology 3 sh
Sociology or Anthropology 3 sh

Major Requirements 36 sh
Core Requirements 15 sh
Financial Accounting 3 sh
Management Accounting 3 sh
Introduction to Computers 3 sh
Advanced Microcomputer Applications 3 sh
Business Writing 3 sh

Management Studies Requirements 6 sh
Management: Concepts & Strategies 3 sh
Human Resources Management 3 sh

Electives 15 sh
Introduction to Federal Income Tax 3 sh
Contemporary Issues in Computing 3 sh
Database Design 3 sh
Introduction to Management Information Systems 3 sh
Introduction to Personal Financial Management 3 sh
Internship (max 3 sh)
Financial Management 3 sh
Introduction to Marketing 3 sh
Business Law 3 sh
Any other Accounting, Management or lower division Computer Information
Science course approved by advisor.
Total 63 sh