Associate of Science in Nursing

At Lock Haven University Clearfield Campus, you will get the handson clinical learning experience you need to become an excellent nurse. You will rotate through quality health care facilities, all within a reasonable driving distance from the campus, where you will work directly with patients, nurses, physicians and other health care professionals in specialty areas such as mental health, medical/surgical, OB/maternal child, acute care, long term care, physician’s office, emergency room, neonatal ICU/ Surgical Center, prison, home health and orthopedic. This, along with rigorous classroom nursing instruction and general education classes which complement your clinical experience, will prepare you to pass the state board exams.

Required prerequisite classes can be completed at the high school or college level and include Academic Biology with a lab, Academic Chemistry with a lab, and Academic Algebra. All of these MUST be passed with a grade of C or higher. Transfer students must also have a cumulative overall grade point average of 2.70 or higher to be considered. This highly selective and competitive program limits the number of enrolled students. It is highly recommended that every candidate apply one year prior to the fall in which they plan to enroll for admission consideration. Visit for more information.

Advanced placement opportunities are available for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN). Call the campus for details.

Course Requirements
First Semester
English Composition 3 sh
Anatomy & Physiology I 3 sh
Anatomy & Physiology I Lab 1 sh
Intro to Psychology 3 sh
Nursing I: Fundamentals of Nursing 8 sh

Second Semester
Intro to Sociology 3 sh
Anatomy & Physiology II 3 sh
Anatomy & Physiology II Lab 1 sh
Life-Span Development 3 sh
Nursing II 8 sh

Third Semester
Math 101 or higher level 3 sh
English Elective 3 sh
Microbiology 4 sh
Nursing III 8 sh

Fourth Semester
Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3 sh
Humanities Elective 3 sh
Nursing IV 8 sh
Nursing Transition 2 sh
TOTAL 70 sh*