Bachelor of Science - Applied Health Studies Track (B.S.)

The Applied Health Studies Track is a degree completion program for those who are certified, licensed or registered in a healthcare profession. Candidates will have graduated from an accredited healthcare program (i.e. medical radiology, occupational therapy assistant, surgical technology, etc.) and have earned an associate’s degree. After graduation, many of these professionals have a desire to continue their education and earn a bachelor’s degree. The purpose of the Applied Health Studies Track is to prepare the student to grow as a professional and assume a leadership position in healthcare.

General Education Requirements 52 sh*
Wellness 3 sh
English Composition 3 sh
Mathematics 3 sh
Speech 3 sh
Art/Music/Theater 6 sh
Literature 3 sh
Philosophy (PHIL 415) 3 sh
World History 3 sh
Political Science or Economics 3 sh
Psychology 3 sh
Sociology or Anthropology 3 sh
Natural Science 6 sh
General Education Electives 10 sh
(Transfer of a technical core from specific healthcare professional degree
UP TO 34sh**)

Major Requirements
The courses in the core curriculum address the need to increase student knowledge in areas pertaining to healthcare, ethics and public policy. The capstone course is designed to integrate learning from the courses in the major with those from the rest of the academic experience.
Core Requirements 24 sh
Cultural Aspects of Health 3 sh
Consumer Health 3 sh
Public Policy 3 sh
Current Issues in Health 3 sh
Health Science Capstone 3 sh
Health Science Electives (300/400 level) 6 sh
Ethical Issues in Health Care Professions 3 sh
(Course meets general education requirement)
Related Minor Up to 18 sh
Earning a minor will allow the student to specialize in a particular area of interest and provide an academic foundation for a desired career objective. Examples include, but are not limited to business, communications, community health and leadership studies.