Bachelor of Science - Business Administration (B.S.) Concentration in Management

Managers are needed in every organization to plan, organize, lead and control human and other resources to achieve organizational goals. All organizations need people with strong communications skills who can lead a team, think logically, and be decisive. By studying management you will not only develop competencies in areas such as accounting, computers, economics, business law, management and marketing, but you will also develop effective interpersonal skills, be exposed to diverse business environments, advance your decision making skills, and cultivate your entrepreneurial thinking. Management skills can be applied to such areas and industries as supervisor/management; human resources; production; marketing; organizational behavior; international; small business; government; healthcare; hospitality; retail; banking; education, and many more.

General Education Requirements 52 sh*
Wellness 3 sh
English Composition 3 sh
Mathematics 3 sh
Speech 3 sh
Art/Music/Theater 6 sh
Literature 3 sh
Philosophy 3 sh

Major Requirements 68 sh
Core Requirements
Financial Accounting 3 sh
Management Accounting 3 sh
Introduction to Computers 3 sh
Advanced Microcomputer Applications 3 sh
Intermediate Macroeconomics 3 sh
Business Writing 3 sh
Operations/Production Management 3 sh
Management: Concepts & Strategies 3 sh
Financial Management 3 sh
Capstone Seminar/Strategic Management 3 sh
Basic Statistics 3 sh
Mathematics for Management 3 sh
Introduction to Marketing 3 sh
Business Law 3 sh
World History 3 sh
Economics 3 sh
Psychology 3 sh
Sociology or Anthropology 3 sh
Natural Science 6 sh
General Education Electives 10 sh

Management Requirements
Human Resources Management 3 sh
International Business 3 sh
Management Electives 20 sh
TOTAL 120 sh
* Semester hours (i.e. credits) Academic curriculum changes, including revision in required coursework, may occur after publication.