Bachelor of Science - RN-to-BSN (B.S.)

The BSN program provides upper division opportunities facilitating mobility of graduates from Associate Degree and Diploma programs, allowing them the opportunity to enhance their education and career options. The primary goal is to function in a variety of settings: providing care of the sick in and across environments; participating in, planning, implementing and evaluating activities and programs to promote health; and facilitating population-based health care. The program is designed to build on the student’s knowledge and experience as a registered nurse, enhancing skills in critical thinking, case management, and leadership roles. RN-to-BSN students in nursing must have proof of graduation from a NLNAC accredited nursing program and proof of current registered nurse licensure. Students may choose to participate in a full-time or part-time curriculum. Check the website for details at

Course Requirements
First Semester (Fall)
Pharmacology in the Nursing Process 3 sh
Wellness* 3 sh
Nursing: Foundations for Professional Practice 3 sh
Nursing: Health Assessment 3 sh
Total: 12 sh

Second Semester (Spring)
Chemistry of Nutrition* 3 sh
Humanities Gen. Ed. Req. 3 sh
Nursing: Pathophysiology 3 sh
Nursing: Care of the Critically Ill 4 sh
Total: 13 sh

Third Semester (Fall)
Social & Behavioral Science Gen. Ed. Req. 3 sh
Natural Science Gen. Ed. Req. 3 sh
Nursing: Home, Community & Public Health 4 sh
Nursing: Leadership & Management in Practice 4 sh
Total: 14 sh

Fourth Semester (Spring)
Social & Behavioral Science Gen. Ed. Req. 3 sh
Humanities Gen. Ed. Req. 3 sh
Elective Gen. Ed. Req. 1 sh
Nursing: Research 3 sh
Nursing: Contemporary Issues, Policy & Polities 2 sh
Total: 12 sh
Total: 51 sh
Total BSN requirements 120 sh****