25th Anniversary

History of Clearfield Campus

The Clearfield Campus, which was founded in 1989, was originally the former Hillsdale Elementary School.  For the first two years, it was not allowed to be considered a branch campus because it did not offer a degree program. During those two years it was called the Lock Haven University Clearfield Center.  In 1991, it offered its first degree program with the Associate of Science degree in nursing and in September its name was changed to Lock Haven University Clearfield Branch Campus.  It was the 4th branch campus in the State System.  The Clearfield Educational Foundation raised nearly $600,000 to fund the center in 1989.

In addition to the nursing degree, the branch campus also offered a 42 credit general educational package which fulfilled the general education requirements at LHU.  During its first year as a branch campus, Clearfield received 125 applications, with close to 100 being full time.

In August 2005, the new Foundation Hall was dedicated on the 12.9 acre campus.  It was named in honor of eight people considered co-founders of the Clearfield Campus: David A. Bailey, Carl A. Belin, William L. Bertram, Guy A. Graham, William E. Johnston, Robert M. Kurtz, James P. Moore, Stanley G. Rakowsky, Peter F. Smith, and William K. Ulerich.  Those who also had instrumental roles were Bud George, Guy A. Graham, Helen Hummel, James H. McCormick, Gov. Tom Ridge, Bud Shuster, C. Alan Walker, and President Craig D. Willis.

Clearfield Today

Today, the Clearfield campus serves roughly 375 students and offers an extensive range of both credit and non-credit courses.  Traditional and non-traditional students alike have options from Associate, Bachelor, and Master degrees in many fields including, but not limited to, healthcare professions, criminal justice, management, management information systems, nursing, business administration, business management, applied health studies, RN-to-BSN, and physician assistant.

The Clearfield campus offers an educational experience of high quality programs, expert faculty, and a caring and supportive environment.  As the most affordable university in the area, students attain their educational goals without an insurmountable debt after course completion.