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RN-BSN Curriculum

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing curriculum worksheet shows the suggested course sequence. Although this is the recommended sequence of courses, you have some flexibility in choosing your curriculum plan.Nursing

Course choices that fulfill general education requirements can be found at the General Education Course Listings page.

RN-to-BSN Degree Curriculum Worksheets and Student Program Guide





Course Descriptions

NURS305 Nursing Infomatics 3 s.h.

An introduction to applications of infomatics systems in nursing practice and education. Integrates various theories, assisting students to develop skills for information literacy in the context of communication, self-expression, social  control in a diverse society, and in the use of electronic patient records and tele-health. Provides an introduction to technology in nursing. Learning experiences provide for the development of baseline infomatics and verbal and nonverbal professional communication styles needed in the healthcare delivery arena.

NURS310 Foundations for Professional Practice 3 s.h.

A seminar course focused on the theoretical foundations of professional practice and theory development in nursing.  Restrictions Upon Registration:  Enrolled in RN to BSN program or permission of instructor

NURS315 Pathophysiology  3 s.h.
Studies the physiologic mechanisms altered by illness, injury, or disease processes in humans throughout the life span. Fundamental disease processes, specific illnesses, and their effects on homeostasis as well as the links between pathophysiology, diagnosis, and therapeutic interventions are emphasized. Students will critically analyze diverse client presentations of selected illnesses for symptomatology, pathophysiology, and health care implications.  Restrictions Upon Registration:  Enrolled in RN to BSN program or permission of instructor.  
NURS320 Health Assessment  3 s.h.
Focuses on identification and demonstration of advanced assessment techniques with emphasis on normal and abnormal findings throughout the life span. Learning experiences provide for development of a systematic approach to physical assessment to facilitate integration of assessment findings and major health deviations. Principles of therapeutic communication will be emphasized as an adjunct to performing a health assessment. Restrictions Upon Registration: Enrolled in RN to BSN program or permission of instructor  
NURS325 Pharmacology for Nursing  3 s.h.
Designed to provide an overview for nurses of drug therapy integrating the use of the nursing process in pharmacokinetics. The emphasis is to provide a big picture approach to the systemic use of drugs in the treatment and or management of diseases. Restrictions Upon Registration: Students must be licensed as a Registered Nurse. Graduate nurses may be admitted to the BSN program on a provisional basis while awaiting NCLEX results. If space is available, other students may enroll with permission of the instructor.


NURS330 Global Perspectives in Nursing

3 s.h.

An exploration of global issues affecting personal, community, and international health and development using approaches from health promotion, population health, and primary health care to help frame analyses.  Students are exposed to basic perspectives on health policy issues throughout various geographical regions and the impact by significant world events.

NURS410 Nursing Home, Community & Public Health 3 s.h.
Reviews current and evolving roles of home health, community and public health nurses. Health promotion, health teaching, economic, political, legal and ethical influences, environmental issues, epidemiology, communicable diseases and vulnerable populations are addressed. Focus is on the application and integration of health and wellness concepts. Restrictions Upon Registration: Enrolled in RN to BSN program or permission of instructor. Prerequisites: NURS310 and NURS320  
NURS420 Nursing Leadership & Management in Practice 3 s.h.
A capstone nursing course with focus on leadership and management issues in health care. Seminars provide opportunities for students to share commonalities and unique aspects of their practical experiences in nursing . Course culminates in a concentrated external experience in an area and agency selected by the student. Restrictions Upon Registration: Enrolled in RN to BSN program or permission of instructor. Prerequisites: NURS310  
NURS430 Nursing: Contemporary Issues, Policy and Politics 3 s.h.
Exploration of policy and politics, strategies of policy development and political action, and application of such strategies in four spheres: workplace, government, organizations, and community. Focuses on the political roles and responsibilities of professional nurses in efforts to discuss unresolved issues of interest to nurses, their colleagues, and consumers of health care. Restrictions Upon Registration: Enrolled in RN to BSN program or permission of instructor. Prerequisites: NURS420  
NURS490 Nursing Research 3 s.h.

Focuses on the theoretical basis of research methodology with emphasis on analyzing, critiquing, and interpreting nursing research. Development of a research proposal based on an identified nursing problem will be completed.  Restrictions Upon Registration:  Enrolled in RN to BSN program or permission of instructor.  Prerequisites:  Statistics course MATH107 (or equivalent) with a grade of C or higher.



Can I earn my BSN at LHU?

Absolutely. All the B.S.N. nursing courses and the general education requirement courses, with the exception of Natural Sciences, can be taken online through Lock Haven University. If you graduated from LHU, you will need to follow and complete the “Request to Resume to Studies” guidelines and procedures. All others will need to “Apply to the University” for admission.

How long do I have to complete the RN to BSN program?

A student has five (5) years to complete the baccalaureate. The full time curriculum is set up to be completed in two (2) years or you can go part time and take up to five (5) years.

Is the entire program online?

Yes, the Rn to BSN nursing courses are all online and most of the general education requirements can be taken online too. The only area that doesn’t have any online courses to date is “Natural Sciences”. The microbiology course completed as a part of your Associate of Science Degree in Nursing would cover 3/4 of the needed credits and you would then need 3 more credits to complete that requirement. If you took Biology 101 or Chemistry 101 as a pre-requisite to your ASN degree, you will have already fulfilled the Natural Science requirements for the RN to BSN.

Am I required to be at my computer at the same time on the same day each week?

No, students complete their assignments at their convenience but before the deadline. Assignment deadlines vary from professor to professor. The student will be provided with a syllabus at the beginning of the semester which states when assignments and examinations are due.

Do I need high speed internet access and a certain type of computer to be in this program?

Click on this link and try the “Browser Test” to make sure your computer setup is compatible with the D2L system that Lock Haven University uses for online courses. The aforementioned link also provides information regarding the technical requirements you will need in order for your online learning experience to be successful.

How do I submit my assignments and take examinations?

All assignments and exams are submitted through D2L, the university’s Web-based course management system.

How do I complete research for my assignments and will I need to travel to my local library to get what I need?

No, the courses will provide links to complete your research through the Lock Haven University Library website, a library Research Guide for nurses or the worldwide web.

How do I contact my instructor, advisor or Nursing department?

Your Lock Haven University email would be the best way to contact these individuals. Communication by phone or in-person would also be another way to contact us. You can locate phone numbers and emails on the LHU Nursing Faculty website or the LHU Faculty & Sraff directory.

How much does it currently cost to take online courses?

Tuition and costs are determined by the Board of Governors on or about July 1 of each year. For current tuition costs for on-line courses, please click here.

Can I get financial aid for distance education?

Yes. In general, the same type of federal and state* financial aid available to students taking traditional, classroom courses is available to students taking online courses. All students must be degree-seeking, academically eligible, and for most financial aid programs, enrolled at least half-time. Federal Pell Grants may be available to eligible undergraduate students enrolled less than half-time. Financial aid packages for undergraduate students may consist of grants, work study, and loans, while most aid for graduate students comes from federal loan sources. Visit the Financial Aid website for comprehensive information.

How do I determine how much financial aid I can receive for this program?

Students who are enrolled in a program where they take all of their courses on-line are eligible to use any federal grants and federal loans (Stafford) for which they qualify as per the FAFSA. For more information go directly to the university’s student Financial Aid website.

Important Note for Undergraduate Students Enrolled in Online Programs (e.g. RN to BSN program): LHU students enrolled in online, undergraduate degree programs do not qualify for Pennsylvania (PA) State Grants administered by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA). PHEAA requires that at least 50 percent of an online program’s course requirements be completed through traditional, classroom instruction in order for students in those programs to receive state grant funding. For example, students enrolled in LHU’s RN to BSN program do not qualify for PA State Grant because all courses required for that program are delivered online.

Do I need to pay my bill upfront if my employer offers me tuition reimbursement?

Yes, the student is responsible for the bill up front. The reimbursement from the employer can be sent to the University which will be placed in the student’s account for the next semester’s payment.

If I have a bachelor's degree in another major, can I be admitted to the BSN program?

If you are a Registered Nurse and have a bachelor’s degree, you have fulfilled the General Education requirements for the RN to BSN with the exception of MATH107-Statistics.

What do I get for being an RN?

You get all the general education credits from your ASN/diploma towards your bachelors plus 34 credits for ASN/diploma Nursing coursework.  You will need to take the 30 credits of RN to BSN nursing courses plus general education courses to bring you credits up to 120 for graduation.