LHU Main and Clearfield Campuses -- 2 Hour Delay for 2/2/15

LHU Main and Clearfield Campus will be under a two-hour delay for Monday, February 2.  Please use the compressed schedule
For Main Campus
For Clearfield Campus: http://www.lhup.edu/Clearfield/Spring%202015%20Compressed%20%20Schedules.pdf

Nursing Faculty

Clearfield Nursing Faculty & Staff

Department Chairperson
Kim Owens - Nursing Program Department Chair
Name: Kim Owens, RN, MS 
Department Chair 
Assistant Professor 
Office: Founder's Hall Ground Fl. 028 
Email: kowens@lhup.edu 
Phone.: 814-768-3430
Director, RN-to-BSN Program
Jennifer Kitko
Name: Jennifer DellAntonio, D.Ed., MSN, RN
Director, RN to BSN Program
Assistant Professor
Office: Founder's Hall 028 
Email: jkitko@lhup.edu 
Phone: 814.768.3426
Department Secretary
Marie Fair
Name: Marie Fair
Academic Secretary, Nursing Department
Office: Founder's Hall Ground Fl. 030 
Email: mfair@lhup.edu 
Phone: 814-768-3450
Darlene Ardary
Name: Darlene Ardary, RN, MSN,CPN, CSN, Ph.D.c
Nursing Instructor 
Office: Founder's Hall 044 
Email: dardary@lhup.edu 
Phone: 814-768-3427

Ann Beardsley
Name: Ann Beardsley, RN, MSN
Nursing Instructor
Office: Founder's Hall Ground Fl. 040 
Email: abeardsl@lhup.edu 
Phone: 814-768-3428

Susan Chase
Name: Susan Chase, MS, RN 
Clinical Instructor
Email: schase@lhup.edu 
Phone: 814-768-3450
Bridget Conklin
Name: Bridget Conklin, MSN, ACNP
Clinical Instructor 
Email: bconklin@lhup.edu 
Phone: 814-768-3461
Joy DuGan
Name: Joy DuGan, MSN, RN
Nursing Instructor  
Office: Founder's Hall 046 
Email: jdugan@lhup.edu 
Phone: 814-768-3425
Pamela Finalle - Nursing Faculty
Name: Pam Finalle, MSN, RN, Ph.D.c.
Assistant Professor 
Office: Founder's Hall 044 
Email: pfinalle@lhup.edu 
Phone: 814-768-3429
Dee Hanna - Nursing Faculty
Name: Delores Hanna, MSN, RN
Clinical Instructor
Email: dhanna@lhup.edu 
Phone: 814-768-3450
Therese Sayers
Name: Therese Sayers, MS, RN
Assistant Professor
Office: Founder's Hall Ground Fl. 040
Email: tsayers@lhup.edu 
Phone: 814.768.3451
Kathleen Young
Name: Kathleen Young, MSN, RN 
Nursing Instructor - RN-to-BSN Program
Email: kyoung@lhup.edu 
Phone: 814.768.3450

Darlene Hepler MSN/ED, BSN, RN
Clinical Instructor
Email: Dlh1129@lhup.edu
(814) 768-3450 


Melissa Sturrock, MSN, RN
Clinical Instructor
Email: mss57@lhup.edu
(814) 768-3450


Richard Rickley, Jr., MSN, RN
Clinical Instructor
Email: rer301@lhup.edu
(814) 768-3450