LHU Clearfield Campus - 2 Hour Delay 3/2/15

LHU Clearfield Campus ONLY will be under a 2 Hour Delay for Monday, March 2.

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LHU Main Campus will remain under normal class schedule.

LPN Current & Prospective Students

LPN Curriculum

The general education courses shown on the nursing program curriculum worksheet in the first and second semester must be taken prior to entering the LPN advanced placement in the third semester.  The pre-requisite requirements of Algebra, Chemistry with lab, and Biology with lab with a “C” or higher grade must also be completed either at the high school or college level before entering into LPN advanced placement.

Once you have completed and met all the necessary requirements and approvals for entrance into the LPN advanced placement program, you will be awarded the 16 credits from NURS101 and NURS102. 

Please refer to the Associate of Science in Nursing Curriculum Worksheet to view the coursework sequence for the program.

Course Descriptions

Note: May test out of NURS101 & 102

NURS201 Nursing 3 (F) (4/12) 8 s.h.

An in-depth study of the human needs according to Maslow with emphasis on the application of the nursing process as the foundation for nursing care. Communication and health teaching are integrated as major strategies for assisting individuals and families to care for themselves in health and illness. Levels of wellness and alterations in human needs are studied as the course focuses on individual needs relating to nutrition/elimination, love/belonging, and psychosocial well being. Prerequisites: See note above; co-requisites: SOCI101, English elective and a free elective.

NURS202 Nursing 4 (Sp) (4/12) 8 s.h.

An extension of NURS201 - Nursing III. Continues to increase the knowledge base of human needs with application of the nursing process to individuals and families with alterations in their level of health. Communication and health teaching are integrated as major strategies for assisting individuals and families to care for themselves in health and illness. Levels of wellness and alterations in human needs are studied as the course focuses on individual needs relating to sexuality, oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange, safety/security, and activity/rest. Prerequisites: See note above; co-requisites: SPCH102, Humanities elective, NURS212.

NURS212 Nursing Transition (Sp) 2 s.h.

This seminar is designed as a transition course for nursing students in the last semester of their educational program. It provides an overview of historical events that have affected the evolution of nursing and presents the issues and trends that are molding the nursing profession of the new century. Prepares the student for graduation and the work world of nursing. This course runs concurrently with NURS202. Prerequisite: See note above.


What do I need to do to start?

You need to first apply to the University.  With your application submit officials transcripts from your high school, LPN accredited program, and any other higher education school you attended. Also a resume is required if you have been out of high school for more than a year. The nursing department requires a copy of your active LPN license.

How many times can I take the entrance exam?

The two standardized Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exams prepared by the National League for Nursing can be taken a maximum of two (2) times.  They are computerized exams with a cost of approximately $55.00 per exam/per times taken.  The Medication Calculation exam may be taken a maximum of three (3) times.  This is a paper/pencil exam prepared by the LHU Nursing department.

When are the classes?

The general answer would be, theory classes and clinical rotations are on Monday through Thursday in the mornings 8:00am-1:00pm.

Do I have to work as an LPN before I start?

You may take general education classes without having worked as an LPN however, prior to taking nursing classes you must provide verification of 1000 hours worked under your LPN licensure.

Do I need to verify my skills as an LPN?

You will be required to sign a "Verification of Skills" statement in order to be exempt for NURS101 and NURS102.  If you are unable to perform certain clinical skills listed on the verification sheet, you will have the opportunity to work in our Simulation Laboratory to refine these skills.

Do I get any credit for my LPN?

Yes, you can be awarded up to sixteen (16) hours of college credit after successfully completing the entrance examination and after meeting necessary requirements.

How long will it take?

After you have completed the first year general education requirements, you will be able to complete the nursing program in one additional year.  The length of time it will take you depends on how quickly you complete the first year general education courses.

How much does it cost?  Is financial aid available?

Please refer to the Student Financial Services website for cost and financial aid information.

What other costs are involved?

Other than University tuition and fees, costs associated with the nursing degree program include books, uniforms, equipment, clearances, liability insurance, a physical exam and CPR certification.  In addition, there are costs associated with graduation and taking the NCLEX exam.

If I am not accepted, is my application packet kept on file?

Yes, the nursing department will keep your file for three (3) years.  You need to keep in contact with the Nursing department every year if you are still interested in entering the program.