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  1. What is the All In Day of Giving Challenge?

The All In Day of Giving Challenge is an online fundraising event that will be held on November 29, 2016 beginning at 11:29am and last for 24 hours!  On this day, alumni, students, parents, and friends of the University will come together to support their favorite athletic programs and the LHU band to help raise scholarship support for the student athletes and band members of Lock Haven University!
  1. What is the overall goal for the All In Day of Giving? 

  2. What can I do to help get the word out about the All In Day of Giving Challenge?

Post about the All In Day of Giving Challenge on your networks, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, using #LHUALLIN and spread the excitement!
  1. How do I make a gift?

To make a gift on November 29, click the donation button on our giving website. You can also make a gift by phone on the day at 570-484-2585. Thank you for your support!
  1. Is there a minimum donation amount?

Yes, there is a $10 minimum donation during the event (There will be several surprise challenges throughout the day).
  1. Can I make multiple gifts through this campaign?

  1. Will 100% of my gift go to my designated area?

  1. Is it safe to make my gift online?

Yes. The information collected during the event is only used by the Lock Haven University Foundation. It will not be sold or shared with any third party organizations.
  1. Is my All In Day of Giving contribution tax deductible?

Yes, your gift is entirely tax deductible. You will receive a printed letter by mail that will serve as your receipt for tax purposes.