Courses for Exploratory Studies Students

ADAC 101 (3 credits)
An introduction to the evolution and purposes of American higher education and the value of general education requirements. Explores the psychosocial development of college students with a focus on self-awareness along multiple domains including academic skills, interpersonal relationships, career interests, and technological and communication skills. Acquaints students with university resources, diversity issues, and the connection between student learning styles and college success. Offered both fall and spring semesters.

ADAC 119 (1 credit)
Introduces students to the culture and mission of the university and its programs of study. Explores the purpose of one's college education and provides students an opportunity to become engaged with an academic discipline of interest. Through class discussions of readings and activities, students are engaged in active learning and the development of effective college study skills. Co-curricular activities and a peer mentor component facilitate connections with fellow students and faculty in the university community. Restricted to first semester, first year Exploratory Studies students.

ADAC 125 (2 credits)
Through an exploration of career development, thorough self-assessment, development of sound decision-making skills, and exploration of academic programs of study and the world of work, this course facilitates the ultimate declaration of an appropriate major and the first steps in navigating the career/life planning process. Offered both fall and spring semesters