Game Plan for Exploratory Studies Students

Students should consider the following “Game Plan”: Handbook

  • If it is your first semester, attend the Orientation Meeting for Exploratory Studies First-Year Students the day before classes begin for the fall semester.

  • Consider taking ADAC 119 First Year Seminar for Exploratory Studies Students (1 credit) during the fall semester of your first year.

  • Review your class schedule for appropriateness. The best schedule for an undecided student consists of general education courses (see Appendix C) and one to two appropriate exploratory courses in major(s) of interest (see page 30).

  • Attend the Academic Majors Fair held each September.

  • Visit the Exploratory Studies Advising Office in Russell Hall to take advantage of testing, advising, counseling, resources, workshops, and programming provided there.

  • Read, read, read information available on various majors and careers of interest to you. (Exploratory Studies Advising Office, Career Services, Stevenson Library)

  • Discuss possible majors with declared students and peer mentors.

  • Discuss majors with faculty in those academic areas. (See list of Resource Faculty for each major provided on pages 39 and 40 in this Handbook)

  • Consult with your advisor on your decision making process.

  • Conduct Informational Interviews with professionals in career fields of interest to you. (Exploratory Studies Advising Office will arrange your Informational Interview)

  • Do “Focus”, a career decision making software program available through the Career Services web page.

  • Get involved in activities and organizations on campus that relate to a major of interest.

  • Peruse professional journals and publications in your field of interest. (Stevenson Library)

  • Look into volunteering in a career area of interest. (MountainServe: Center for Rural Community Service and Learning – Raub Hall)

  • Shadow or intern with a professional in the field of interest to you.

  • Look into summer or part-time work in the field of interest to you.

  • Attend the Exploratory Studies Advising Office workshops and meetings for undecided students offered each academic year.

  • Consider incorporating a study abroad semester in your academic planning. Consult with your advisor and the Director of the International Institute.

Additional Resources

  • Workshops, programs, and informational meetings

  • Major Mentors

  • Resource Faculty by Major (Link to PDF, in production server /resources/Resource Faculty by Major.pdf)

  • Informational interviews

  • Academic Advisement Handbook and information on majors and minors

  • Exploratory Courses by Major

For more information, contact Professor Maribeth Hanna Long, Coordinator LPC, NCC (570) 484-2454