Haven Achievers

Lock Haven University's Haven Achievers program provides a comprehensive academic support program to assist selected students in being successful in a higher education setting. Students who are Haven Achievers are part of a learning community who are enrolled in two courses together in their first semester, one of which is an Introduction to Academic and Personal Development (ADAC 101). ADAC 101 is an introduction to the evolution and purposes of American higher education and the value of general education requirements. In this course, students explore their psychosocial development and focus on self-awareness along multiple domains including academic skills, interpersonal relationships, career interests, and technological and communication skills. The learning community is designed to help students find greater coherence in what they are learning and to have greater interaction with peers as well as faculty members. Students are required to participate in weekly study sessions, and attend all classes as they pursue academic success.

The faculty and staff of the Haven Achievers program provide peer mentors as well as academic advising and counseling. Peer mentors provide individual guidance from a perspective that is closely related to the HAP students' experience. Students have the opportunity to participate in activities that provide the social and educational interactions, to develop a support system, and just have fun.

Students in the Haven Achievers program also have the benefit of all services offered through the Academic Development and Counseling department including tutoring, counseling, and advising. Additional developmental coursework and services may be recommended for students who need to enhance writing, math, science and other subject skills.