Lock Haven University TRIO Student Support Services Program

Welcome to TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Program at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, a unit within the Department of Academic Development & Counseling (ADAC). The Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania TRIO SSS program serves 230 students.  The program’s primary objective is to promote the academic success of participants, leading to higher rates of good academic standing (2.0 grade point average or higher), retention, and graduation.

All Lock Haven University students are assigned to a department faculty adviser and assignments are based on students' primary intended major. Lock Haven students can also be assigned to an Exploratory Studies faculty adviser, spending time during the first year completing curriculum requirements for various majors of interest.

Students who are selected for the TRIO SSS Program gain valuable access to university life skills. The transition to higher education is often difficult and confusing.  In TRIO SSS, students are offered additional resources that promote success. Faculty and staff from TRIO SSS are involved in teaching, consulting, and advising to address students’ needs.

All new TRIO SSS students are assigned to a Peer Mentor, a model SSS student who has undergone training especially to assist students with all aspects of their college transition and success.

Available Services

Academic Year Component

During the academic year, the freshmen first-year experience includes orientation, first-year seminar, and a common social science course with Supplemental Instruction.  For all students—freshmen through seniors—a variety of success workshops and other activities are offered in career planning, study skills, time management, learning styles, personal and professional development, study abroad, and community service, to name a few. The Director serves as an additional adviser for all students, and the faculty Writing Specialist also offers diverse workshops on e-mail etiquette, social media, cover letters and resumes, etc., and works individually with students to improve their writing skills.

The TRIO SSS personnel strongly encourage students to take advantage of the services offered through other university offices, including University Tutorial Services, University Libraries, Disability Services, Center for Career and Professional Development, Financial Aid, Registrar, Scholarships, Student Affairs, Student Activities, Institute of International Studies/Study Abroad, Global MountainServe Center for Community Service,  Counseling Services, Health Services, HOPE Center, and the Center for Excellence and Inclusion.

Financial Literacy Program

Each semester, TRIO SSS provides financial literacy workshops to help students learn more about money management, credit, spending patterns, credit scores, interest, budgeting, identity protection, and educational finance, such as the completion of FAFSA, state grant, and scholarship applications, the understanding of financial aid packages, the link between satisfactory academic progress and financial aid,  reduction of student loan debt, and choices for repayment of loans.

Cultural Programs

Active SSS participants will have the opportunity to participate in cultural activities throughout the year. Trip locations vary yearly. Participants must read their newsletters regularly and pay attention to their emails in order to be aware of these cultural opportunities.

Grant Aid Program

First-year students who receive Pell Grant awards, earn a 2.0 Grade Point Average or higher, and who have been active participants in the TRIO SSS Program have the opportunity to apply for grant aid in the form of scholarships. Upperclassmen with dire financial need and good academic standing of 2.0 or higher can also apply for grant aid.

Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor program helps students with the transition to LHU from the time of enrollment through graduation. With guidance and leadership, Peer Mentors show students how to connect with upperclassmen, faculty, and staff, as well as engage in activities and take advantage of services across campus and in the Lock Haven community.

Writing Specialist Services

The Writing Specialist assists all students with the transition to college-level writing, the assessment of their writing, and the improvement of writing skills on any writing project. The Writing Specialist works with students on scholarship applications, cover letters and resumes for internships and entry-level jobs, as well as personal statements for graduate school.