Lock Haven Peer Mentors

As a first year student at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, there will be many new issues that you will face. Despite being a great student in high school, the college environment can present some new challenges, both socially and educationally. The LHU summer orientation program is designed to provide information on getting around campus, finding and using campus resources, and creating your class schedules. You can also receive continued assistance by having a SSS peer mentor.

LHU is committed to the development and retention of its students, and the SSS mentor program is designed to help students achieve their future goals. As a first year Student Support Services participant the program's future goal is to assign all first-year SSS participants a SSS peer mentor. Currently, those SSS participants enrolled in ADAC 101 reserved for SSS participants are assigned an SSS peer mentor.

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are upper class SSS participants who help first year students to succeed at LHU. Mentors serve as role models, will help with a variety of workshops, and some will work in the SSS ADAC 101 section reserved for SSS students by facilitating discussions on academic coping skills (such as how to approach assignments and use technology) and other student concerns (such as parking, finding resources on campus and making friends).

SSS Peer Mentors are service-minded students with a minimum 2.7+ (B-) GPA who play a key role in assisting first-year students to become acclimated to the campus and the demands of their new academic environment. SSS Peer Mentors are an important, on-campus resource for SSS students. SSS Peer Mentors, because of the hard work they do coordinating activities and mentoring SSS participants, receive full text book support through the SSS program.