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What Does the Program Offer?


Academic Year Component

Throughout each academic year, Upward Bound students have an Academic Center Educator (ACE) at their home school. This individual, usually a guidance counselor or teacher, is responsible for meeting weekly with the students and providing individualized tutoring, guidance, and counseling in academic, career, social, or personal matters. The students, with the help of the ACE, become familiar with the process of choosing a college and career, completing college applications, and preparing college essays. Students also receive help with improving study skills, organizational skills, and test taking skills. The ACE works closely with the students and can tailor lesson topics to the specific needs of the students involved in the program.

Each school year, the students visit Lock Haven University campus during its regular session to receive a brief introduction to college life. Upward Bound seniors become increasingly interested in this experience as they apply to various colleges and universities. The Upward Bound staff assists seniors and their parents in this college review process, and helps prepare college applications and financial aid forms.

 summer program

Summer Program Component

The 6-week residential summer program combines concentrated academic work and recreational activities for students in grades 9-12. Students live on campus in a dormitory and experience an introduction to college life. Activities during the week consist of mandatory morning and afternoon classes. The classroom work addresses academic weakness or enrichment and attempts to prepare the student for the next school year. Participation in the Summer Program is free to the student and therefore requires students to submit an application and earn their spot in the program. Limited spots available.  

Afternoons and evenings include special activities and field trips to various close-by cities, visiting other colleges and universities, and various other activities which may include visiting nature reserves, attending local plays and concerts, and participating in cultural workshops. There are also opportunities to meet with Upward Bound students on other local college campuses.

A special note to parents

Adult supervision is on a 24-hour basis when Upward Bound students are in residence during the summer program. Besides the regular staff, the summer staff consists of six instructors, one housing supervisor and six tutor-counselors. The staff assists each student in meeting academic, social or personal needs.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Pictured at right: Students in the 2015 summer program learn about first-aid techniques.

Bridge Program

Upward Bound students who have graduated from high school, who have been admitted to an institution of higher learning, and who have attended at least one year of the Summer Program are eligible to participate in the Bridge program. Students attending the Bridge Program are enrolled for credit in general education courses at Lock Haven University. Students can earn up to 6 credit hours that can be easily transferred to other colleges or universities. It's an opportunity for the students to get a jump on earning college credits and get a taste of college level academics while in a supportive environment. Participation in the Bridge Program is free to the student and therefore requires students to submit an application and earn their spot in the program. Limited spots available.