UB Perks

The Upward Bound program provides its students with many benefits! According to the Council for Opportunity in Education, students who participate in Upward Bound are four times more likely than their peers to earn a college degree! Students in the program are given the opportunity to take advantage of the following perks: 

  • Access to fee waiver for college entrance exams (SAT/ACT)
  • Free online on demand SAT/ACT preparation program
  • Tutoring
  • Community Service
  • Confidence in public speaking and other communication skills
  • Hands on projects
  • College tours
  • College application and financial aid help
  • Cultural opportunities
    • Films
    • Museum visits
    • Trips to regional cities
  • Education/Academic activities and workshops
  • Residence life on campus


UB students, pictured below, were part of the community service project at the Lock Haven Salvation Army Thrift Store where they helped to organize and stock the shelves.  

      thrift                            22