Lock Haven Upward Bound Scholarship Information


Scholarship opportunities for students in Clinton and Lycoming County High schools; please look at the High School listing, as well as the Special Interest scholarship listing.




QuestBridge currently provides the College Prep Scholarship for high school juniors, the National College Match for high school seniors, and the Quest for Excellence awards twice a year (spring of the junior year and fall of the senior year).All of our programs are designed to connect bright, motivated low-income students with top educational, professional, scholarship and life opportunities.


Scholarship Search


Here you can locate scholarships, loans, internships, and other financial aid programs from non-college sources that match your education level, talents, and background. Complete the profile form and Scholarship Search will find potential scholarship opportunities from a database of 2,000 undergraduate scholarships, internships, and loan programs.


Scholarship News


Accessing this site will give you a list of scholarships for all minorities.


CollegeView Campus


Do your college search using CollegeView College Search. We're pleased to offer hundreds of virtual tours, financial aid and scholarship information, college search with profiles of over 3,800 colleges and universities, college-related books and articles, Ask the Experts with professional guidance counselors, and searchable archives, career counseling and career planning tools, and register to win one of five $1,000 scholarship prizes, plus much more.


FreSch Free Scholarship Search

www.freschinfo.com/index.phtml - FreSch Free Scholarship Search

FreSch! Has a database of over 2,000 organizations and foundations that offer scholarships, representing approximately 169,000 awards.

Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship


The award is $6,000.00 per year. Number of winners about 100. It's renewable. Academic merit, leadership, community service, all fields. Deadline is usually in April.

www.xerox.com - Xerox Technology Minority Scholarship (type in "Scholarship" in the search engine. This is a good scholarship for strong minority scholarships for students studying in areas like chemistry, engineering, physics, and "tech" areas. The award amount is up to $4,000.00 for undergraduates and more for graduate students. The deadline is Sept. 15.


Alpha Kappa Alpha Scholarships


The above link is to the Chicago headquarters and that gateway of scholarships. Note that there are over 700 AKA Chapters, and you would be wise to contact sorors at local locations. Scholarship opportunities abound. The deadline at AKA headquarters is Feb. 15. Applications (at the website) must be sent between Dec. 1st and January 30th each year.


National Alliance for Excellence Scholarships


The student competitors can be seniors or already in college. They must submit an application that can include recommendations (academics), art (slides), dance (tapes), photographs, or other materials that point to talent and achievement in all areas. The awards are for a minimum of one year, and over 100 are granted. Applications can be submitted at any time. The selection process is ongoing.


Harry S. Truman Scholarship


The is one of the most prestigious scholarships, shaped for students who intend to pursue a career targeted to public service or government. Graduate study should be a goal, with a portion of the funds directed there. You must be at least a junior, and your college must nominate you. A "nomination" package must be created. The awards can reach as high as $30,000 over the years.


Ron Brown Scholarships


The award: Leadership, community service, all fields. The deadline is usually in January. This is one of the most prestigious scholarships and it's very, very competitive.


The Black Student Fund


The Black Student Fund (BSF) has provided financial assistance and support services to Washington metropolitan area African-American students, and their families since 1964. Over the years, our scope has broadened to provide services that reach thousands in both the greater Washington, DC area and the nation. Whether offering parents information on options in education for their children, providing multiracial training to teachers, or networking black educators into the independent school system, BSF programs represent over three and one half decades of expertise, and are recognized for their quality and accessibility.

Horatio Alger Association Scholarship

College Connection Scholarships


College Connection has been listing free college scholarship information, every month since 1995. New scholarships are posted monthly. This free quality information includes all of the details you need to apply now, including eligibility requirements, deadline, amount, contact name, address, phone number and website of the scholarship sponsor.


From DellScholars.org


The Dell Scholars Program is about you, and your determination to succeed.  This is a program that looks beyond academic performance and grades. You don’t need the highest grades to apply. It rewards your determination to achieve great things through higher education.




In 1995, an idea was born: use the Internet to help students find scholarships for college. Match each student's background, automatically, with eligibility requirements for scholarships from around the country and advise them about scholarship opportunities tailored to them. All for free.

http://www.collegenet.com - CollegeNet is the #1 portal for applying to college over the web. CollegeNet lets applicants complete, file, and pay for their admissions applications entirely through the Internet.




This award-winning site has grown into the most comprehensive annotated collection of information about student financial aid on the web.