Strategic Statements

Mission Statement

Our programs prepare students to succeed in an increasingly competitive world through a variety of educational experiences with professional courses in a broad range of disciplines including Accounting, Computer Science, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Management, and Marketing within a strong liberal arts foundation.  Students will acquire:

  • Fundamental and in-depth knowledge in accounting, business, and computer science specializations
  • Ability to research, analyze and solve ethical and discipline-specific problems
  • Communication and teamwork skills
  • External experience in professional settings


Vision Statement

To transform traditional business, accounting, and computer science education with an integrated curriculum and innovative approaches to classroom and experiential learning that cultivate real-world-ready graduates.


Values Statement

Our core values provide a foundation for all we do in our major programs.  We value:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Mentoring through frequent interaction with our students and colleagues
  • Building strong campus and community relationships
  • Fair and ethical treatment
  • Collegiality and respect for diverse opinions