B.S. Accounting

Accounting is the language of business that identifies, records, and communicates the economic transactions of an organization to interested users.   Lock Haven's accounting program focuses on decision modeling, risk analysis, and measurement and reporting of financial information.

You also have the opportunity to dual major in Accounting and Business Administration, earning a bachelor of science in both areas which can be accomplished within the 120 credit overall degree requirement. This business core produces a well-rounded business person as well as an accountant.  Feedback from the business community indicates that the additional credential is highly attractive to employers.

Job Opportunities & Qualifications

Graduates receive a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Accounting. Upon graduation, students are qualified to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examination in Pennsylvania.  As Samuel Frances-Barrot's profile indicates (see feature to right), graduates work in big accounting firms like Deloitte and Touche, KPMG, and Ernst & Young, as well as for smaller regional firms, small businesses, and governmental and non-profit organizations.  Graduates also work in accounting and finance for such companies as Airgas, Rex Energy, Morgan Stanley, West Pharmaceutical, HRI, Inc., and Vanguard as examples.


Accounting majors are encouraged to participate in internships during their junior or senior year with public accounting firms, private businesses, or the nonpublic sector. Examples of accounting internships with accounting firms in recent years include Emert & Associates, Keystone Central School District, SF & Company, Beers & Cutler, Clinton County Tax Counseling for the Elderly, and Jackson Hewitt.

 Program Check Sheets

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Samuel Frances-Barrot, '11


When you graduate LHU's business and accounting programs, you earn More than a degree explains Samuel Frances-Barrot, '11, Senior Auditor for Deloitte and Touche, LLP,  to moderator, Richard Drey, and the student body at the Young Alumni Panel (see photo in lower right). 

While studying at LHU, Samuel participated in the Global Honors Program, student government, and internships with MTV Networks in New York City, the PA Office of the Budget in Harrisburg, and the United States Department of Commerce in Washington D.C.  

While earning dual degrees in business and accounting, Samuel learned leadership, communication, and networking skills that he believes contributed to his success in the professional world.  Samuel appreciates the intangible skills honed by group projects and the value of overcoming group barriers. Now working with Deloitte’s global department in India, Samuel applies what he learned in his group projects to overcome language, cultural, and timing barriers.

At Deloitte, Samuel analyzes and performs financial statement audits for public and private companies, examines and analyzes data and communication observations on staff, and manages employees on client engagements. Samuel believes his educational experiences in LHU's business and accounting programs gave him the confidence and skills to engage successfully in these professional fields.

 Sam and Richard