B.S. Business Administration

Business Administration will provide you with a broad overview of essential business management theory in the core areas of finance, marketing, and management. Our program prepares students to succeed in an increasingly competitive world through a variety of educational experiences with professional courses in a broad range of disciplines including Accounting, Computer Science, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Management, and Marketing within a strong liberal arts foundation.                      

With this solid foundation of knowledge, you will be prepared for employment and advancement within a company, for entrance into graduate school, or for launching your own business. You will choose one or two areas of concentration where you will gain in-depth specialized knowledge.                      

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) recently awarded LHU initial accreditation of its business and accounting programs, certifying that the teaching and learning processes meet rigorous educational standards.

Job Opportunities & Qualifications

Graduates receive a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Business Administration. Upon graduation, students can work in a variety of positions and settings.  Recent alumni work for such employers as Airgas East (See the Laura Clouser's profile on right), First Quality, Rex Energy, Morgan Stanley, ING, PNC Bank, AT&T, West Pharmaceutical, HRI, Enterprise Rental, State Farm, Letum, Inc., AccuWeather, and Vanguard as examples.   Graduates also own and operate their own businesses, manage in non-profit organizations and small businesses, and work in the public sector.

Finance & Economics Concentration

In this concentration, you will investigate the mechanisms by which scarce resources are allocated, prices are determined, incomes are distributed, and economic growth occurs. Your courses will include Intermediate Microeconomics, International Financial  Management, and Money & Banking.                      

International Business Concentration

The need for business managers who can work in the global economy is rapidly growing. You will explore business practices on an international scale. You are encouraged to study abroad for at least a semester and also to become proficient in a second language. Some courses offered include International Business, International Financial Management and International Trade & Finance.                      

Management Concentration

In this concentration, you will learn how to effectively and efficiently utilize physical, human, financial, and technological resources to achieve the goals of organizations. You will gain insight into resource management to meet the constantly changing demands of our global society. Courses include Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Management, Industrial & Organizational Psychology, International Business, Labor Management Relations,  Business, Society, and Government, Management Concepts and Public Policy.                      

Management Information Systems Concentration

In this concentration, you will gain an understanding of the principles and operations of management information systems and their importance as a tool in the planning, control, and decision-making of an organization. You may take courses such as Contemporary  Issues, Database Design, Database Application Development, Fundamentals of Networking, Information Technology Project Management, and Management Information Systems. 

Marketing Concentration

In this concentration, you will learn how goods and services are channeled to the marketplace, how demand is stimulated, and how business identifies and meets the needs of the consumer. Courses include Advertising, Consumer Behavior, Internet Marketing & e-Commerce, Market Research, and Small Business Marketing

Entrepreneurship Concentration

In this concentration, you will learn the skills necessary to launch your own full or part-time business. You can even launch all or part of it while in school and utilize the free services of LHU's Nano-Incubator. Courses include Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial & Small Business Marketing, Small Business Management, and Social & Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

Program Check Sheets

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Business Administration Minor

Economics Minor

Laura Clouser, '13


The Business and Accounting Senior Reception connected Laura Clouser with Airgas East's President and the business analyst position that she has held since right out of college.

Laura credits her professors for preparing her for life after college and entering "the real world".   She explains that "the faculty work diligently to facilitate networking events and an etiquette luncheon, which helped tremendously when interviewing for my job a month later - they took me to lunch for the interview!  The Senior Reception was also a great experience!  The department does a great job prepping students; I am so thankful for the faculty, alumni and local professionals who attend these events, and that is why I now return to LHU each semester for the Senior Reception, as a business professional, to give back." 

Laura believes that while her business and accounting degrees are precious, her experience at LHU afforded her with More than a degree.  While completing dual degrees in business (finance/economics) and accounting, Laura completed a volunteer tax preparer internship sponsored through the AARP/IRS-VITA program and participated in the Global Honors Program, in addition to the networking events and various course projects.

As a business analyst at Airgas, Laura is responsible for analyzing regional profit and loss statements as well as running calculations and managing commissions for the regional sales representatives.

Laura believes that the Business and Accounting Programs offer a wealth of knowledge and access to talent that they cannot receive at larger universities.Laura holds lasting memories of LHU including the positive environment that the Business Department fosters and the dedicated, hard-working faculty that make the department so successful.