The Top 10 Reasons for Becoming an Entrepreneur

By Jeremy Lombardo, LHU class of 2010

Do you want a career where you are always employed? Do you enjoy making a ton of money off of your OWN ideas? Do you enjoy being your own boss, and hiring your own staff?

The current economy makes it very difficult to get a job out of college; however being an entrepreneur allows you to always have a job. An entrepreneur is an individual who wants to start their own business, and do things their own way.

  1. Working at your OWN PACE! You get paid for working either 20 hours a week or 100 hours a week, it all depends on you!
  2. Being the boss! By being an entrepreneur you can hire your own staff!
  3. Always having a job. Owning your own business you are always employed. 
  4. Making as much money as you can! Entry Level jobs are not high, being an entrepreneur allows an endless income!
  5. Find the best locations for your store by starting your business where YOU want!
  6. Work online! Internet businesses are booming, come on board the success train! TOOT TOOT!
  7. Wear any dress attire you want! Do you want to work in pajamas? I think you do! Or jeans!
  8. Name your business – by owning your own business it is what YOU think the name should be! Be creative!
  9. Freedom to leave – after a few years of starting a business, you have the freedom to sell whenever you please.
  10. Owning more than one business. You can be an entrepreneur in more than one business! Own as many as you can handle!

LHU Disclaimer: Great reasons, but… there are also many risks,
which we’ll work hard to help you avoid when you launch your new business.