Learning Assessment

The Business Administration and Accounting Programs (Programs) use three primary learning goals (KNOW, SOLVE, and IMPART) and supporting learning objectives for the Programs' core and the concentrations. The Student Learning Outcomes Plan Description explains the phase-in approach used to assess learning objectives in senior-level major core courses, lower-level major core courses, and selected concentration courses. In the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plan, each learning objective is aligned with competencies, modes of assessment, multiple points of assessment, and a cycle of assessment. The assessment results are discussed at the Programs' Annual Retreat and later, posted on this site in the right-hand column. If you click on each Report Card, you will get a high-level summary of the areas in which students meet/exceed expectations, show growth, or need improvement. More detailed data and graphs are also provided for each individual assessment. The illustration below shows the cycle of how the Programs' faculty members deploy the assessment plan, collect data, analyze/report data, and make changes to improve the Programs.

Assessment Cycle (shown below) 

Flow Chart1Flow Chart2Flow Chart3