"This program is convenient in that I can work from home and don't have to schedule and alter my life to attend graduate school. The material that is taught is really interesting and has practical applications in the workplace. I also feel like the courses sequence is well organized and the each class builds upon information learned in the previous classes. The professors are extremely supportive and helpful and even through the distance they convey a sense of enthusiasm and passion. The virtual meetings are the final piece in the puzzle that make the program comparable to an on campus program. They allow me to see my classmates "in person" and get to know everyone a lot better."

-Rachel Marsden, Class of 2015

"Hello, my name is Molly Yarnell and I am a current student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling online master's program through Lock Haven University and I am in my second year. Although I may have had initial reservations about completing a master's degree in counseling online, this program has met, and exceeded my expectations thus far. I am not only able to interact with my professors, but also my peers through our online learning environment, Blackboard Collaborate, which enables us to have real time, synchronous communication through talk and video. It is very convenient being able to schedule my school work time around my hectic work and family schedules while still gaining the necessary knowledge and interaction that comes with studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far in the CMHC online master's program through LHU and I look forward to the semesters to come!"

-Molly Yarnell, Class of 2015

When I was originally accepted into the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at LHU, I was probably one of the biggest skeptics of learning counseling in an online environment. My entire educational experience up to that point had been in traditional “brick and mortar” classrooms. As I finish my second year in the program, my whole attitude has changed. The program has more than exceeded my expectations. One of my major concerns was the lack of interaction, especially in a field that interaction is required. Through the use of Blackboard Collaborate, I have been able to interact effectively with the professors and my peers. Over the course of time, I have connected with my peers in both a personal and professional manner. It has led to several new friendships outside of the “classroom”. Through online seminars, I have had many opportunities to practice my counseling skills using role-play exercises. I can then apply the lessons learned based on feedback from my peers and the professors. In my opinion, the professors go above and beyond to ensure that we understand the material. I greatly appreciate the clear suspense dates and predictability in the scheduling of online seminars. The predictability and effective time management allows me to fulfill my other family, work and community obligations. This program has made me a believer in an online counseling program. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the program. The CMHC program at LHU has greatly enhanced both my personal and professional journey.

-Sean MacMillen, Class of 2015