Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Program at Lock Haven University provides students with a dynamic opportunity to develop critical skills and acquire content specific knowledge in preparation for a variety of career options in the crTamson Siximinal justice disciplines upon graduation. Students work closely with faculty advisors in developing their programs of study. Students develop mentoring relationships with program faculty and have the opportunity to engage in faculty supervised research, experiential learning, and co-curricular activities. Enrollment in internship experiences is encouraged and prepares students for entry level positions in the field upon graduation.

Students pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice at Lock Haven University will develop knowledge of issues in the field of criminal justice through a balanced presentation of program and student learning outcomes which will develop in the student:

1) knowledge of the nature and causes of crime and deviance;

2) knowledge of the history and practices of the major organizational systems in criminal justice; and

3) the ability to analyze and critique emerging research and current trends in criminal justice.

Students complete a core set of required courses covering all components of the criminal justice system. Learning opportunities are enhanced in the curriculum with topic specific elective courses and a variety of experiential learning opportunities.

Faculty in the Department of Criminal Justice at Lock Haven University are dedicated to excellence. We maintain an active agenda of scholarly research, publication and service and regularly involve our students in those activities. We also maintain professional working relationships with key criminal justice agencies in the field which informs and enhances the classroom experience and creates opportunities for student involvement.



Contact Us:

Dr. Tamson Six, Department Chair
J303 East Campus
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Christine Taylor, Secretary
J313 East Campus
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