National Honor Society in Crimnal Justice: Alpha Phi Sigma

In fall 2007, Lock Haven University established a local chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma, the National Criminal Justice Honor Society. Our local chapter is known as Iota Sigma. Dr. Ronald Fennell sponsored the effort, as advisor, to found the Iota Sigma chapter at Lock Haven. Dr. Tamson Six took over as club advisor in spring 2009. The national headquarters is located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Students belonging to this club must have a grade point average of 3.2 or higher,
must be in the top 35% of the class, must have completed three semesters at LHU, and must have completed four required courses of criminal justice classes declared as a criminal justice major, minor, or law field leading to a baccalaureate or graduate degree. As of spring 2011, 52 students and 1 faculty have been inducted into our local chapter.

The Lock Haven Criminal Justice Honor Society is very active. As they continue to grow, some of their on-campus activities include, but are not limited to: the East Campus planting project, meet-n-greet and midterm social, window display at Stevenson Library, meet with exploratory studies students, sponsor class speakers, and they conduct a student writing lab (which they developed and implemented to aid in the development of peer writing skills). They have also conducted the Criminal Justice Pre-advising Program for freshmen and some sophomores to answer questions regarding minors, how to access online degree audit, how to register for classes, explain the degree requirements for the Criminal Justice major, explain what an internship entails, and explain what Criminal Justice organizations exist on campus.

Some of the club's off-campus activities include: the Adopt-A-Family Program, local park paint & clean-up project, Easter egg hunt at Hoberman Park, and a local food drive.

Anyone eligible to join the club, meeting all the requirements, will be sent an email to see if they are interested.

If you have any questions concerning the club, please contact any of our officers.

Officers 2014


Toni Warfel

Vice President

Colin Myers


Alycia Demilio 


Bethany Hatheway 


Ashley Hershberger

The club meets approximately two times per month. The exact meeting dates, with times, will be posted on the club information board on third floor of East Campus.

Spring 2014 New Members: Daniela Carvajal, Martin Deal, Bethany Hatheway, Ian Hoyle, Colin Myers, Wesley Pryce, Cole Spurley, Chelsea Weaver

Fall 2013 New Members: Scott Carr, Sarah Ciaramella, Ashley Hershberger, Logan Houtz, Sharina Jimenez, Rebecca Ogden, Evan Shipley, Lauren Skonezney, Toni Warfel

Spring 2013 New Members: Kaytlin Bowersox, Alycia DeMilio, Colby Hunsinger, Chris Katkowski, Jeremy Pollick, Todd Schorr, Kaleb Snyder, Beth Sunderlin, Nick Vogelsong, Chance Zarilla

Fall 2012 New Members:Edward Celkos, Richand DiPaolo, Mark Nutwell, Keira Poole, Patrick Reeder, Rebecca Rickrode, Leigha Stewart, Justen Shomo, Alyssa Tympanick

Spring 2012 New Members: Kailey S. Cingle, Brittany N. Favazza, Levi S. Feitosa, Shelby Gazzo, Lora Litzelman, Michael A. Ramos, Michael S. Walker

Fall 2011 New Members: Kurtis S. Benjamin, Josh Bucior, Mike Conrad, Daniel Dreibilbis, Jason Everhart, Christopher Keen, Adam Lindsey, Andrew McGee, Nicole Stalnecker, Taylor Winner   Transfer members: Erica Berg, Dr. Katerine Pantaleo (faculty)

Spring 2011 New Members: Joe Bacorn, Justin Baysore, Andrea Brackbill, Steve Geiger, Kristin Matula, Justin Price, Jay Rhoads, Allison White, Dr. Ed Bowman (faculty)

Fall 2010 New Members: Brittany Lynn Beach, Andrew W. Miller, Julie Pursell, Chad F. Savrock, Brian J. Williamson

Spring 2010 New Members: Casey A. French, Desjenee Davis, Kurt W. Ledebur, Dennis W. Twigg

Fall 2009 New Members: Tina Yard, Michael Gray, Nick Overbaugh, LaShae' DeShawn Spratley

Spring 2009 New Members: Jacob Compton, Brett DeGroat, Andrew Mercer, Wes Plummer, Dan Sabo, Theodore Stauffer

Fall 2008 New Members: Shane Barie, Alexander Eck, Nathan Hakes, Heidi Hughes, Megan Peters

Spring 2008 New Members: Christopher Boyer, Jared Brown, Nathan Hakes, Suzann Hobart, Kaleigh Kolb, Alisha Levinsky, Lisa Mandetta, Tim Nicklas

Founding Members Fall 2007: Malissa Earley, Chris Figlarz, Kelly Heimbach, Jill Holton, Justina Kissell, Justin Lasut, Jonathan Millinder, Michael Novotny, Lloyd Rose, Kelly Schioppo, Adrienne Spring, Aaron Sutton