Criminal Justice Club

CJ Club DC SP15

Lock Haven University proudly supports a Criminal Justice Club on the main campus and at the Clearfield Campus. This is a student run organization. Membership is composed of students at all points of study during the pursuit of the degree and freshmen are encouraged to get involved with the organization and attend meetings.

The Criminal Justice Club is supported with a budget from the Student Cooperative Council. The club engages in a variety of activities each semester. Activities are selected and led by the student members. Examples are: sponsor of guest speakers on campus, field trips to sites of interest to criminal justice majors (examples include: the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, the Police Museum in New York City, and a Washington, DC site visit).

The club also engages in fund raisers periodically and the membership serves as resources to prospective students to answer major related questions.

Club membership and involvement is a good way to engage in meaningful experiences that allow students to explore a variety of criminal justice disciplines. Meetings are held at least twice a month.

The Criminal Justice Club (left) sponsored a trip to the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington D.C. in spring semester 2015!




                                                                                                              2014 - 2015 Club Officers

  Main Campus Clearfield Campus
President Marquis Ivey
Kimberly Cheskey
Vice President Toni Warfel
Justin Carns
Secretary Sean Fisher
Megan Williams
Treasurer David Poretta
Jacob Kavelak
 Advisors Dr. Edward Bowman
Dr. Greg Koehle
Dr. Michael McSkimming
Nicholas Labe Nick Labe, former President of the Criminal Justice Club:  My years at Lock Haven University were unforgettable, and this is a decision that I will never regret.  In the beginning of my college career, I was focused on playing football which took most of my time.  After two years, I decided to hang it up and focus more on academia.  I made connections with faculty in the criminal justice department, and pursued involvement in the student run organization, Criminal Justice Club. 
Some of my other accomplishments:  Involvement with a research project on rural jail reentry for the Clinton County Correctional Facility; and serving as a founding member of the Criminal Justice Advisory Board for Clinton County.  I participated in the LHU Celebration of Scholarship Event which is held each April on campus by presenting my own research.  
The impact that the Criminal Justice Student Organization has had on me:  I became  involved in the Criminal Justice Club during my sophomore year and became the club president in my junior year.  Durng that time, I learned many valuable skills in leadership and program planning and working collaboratively with others.  The club hosts field trips and guest speakers that are informative and empowering and help you better understand the inner workings of various agencies in the criminal justice field. 
Advice for Fellow and Future Students:  "The best advice I can give you is to be proactive.  Lock Haven University has many opportunities to learn from and  prosper.  Take advantage of this early on in your college career.  Join clubs and activities that provide for you to conform through your desired identity.  This is a once in a lifetime experience and it goes much to fast.  Learn and enjoy this time to the fullest."