Criminal Justice Distance Education

Lock Haven University offers a variety of criminal justice coursework via the web, particularly during summer sessions. These courses are typically offered to meet the needs of our currently enrolled students. Students not currently enrolled at Lock Haven University, but who have an interest in enrolling in a web-based course that is offered should contact the criminal justice department at (570) 484-2119 for more information. Permission may be given to enroll if existing LHU student demand can be met.

Online Courses:

Summer 1 - 2015     (May 18, 2015 - June 19, 2015)

CRJS102 - 90 Introduction to Criminal Justice    Michael McSkimming, Ph.D.
CRJS240 - 01 Law Enforcement Dwayne Marshall, Ph.D.
CRJS260 - 01 Criminal Law Greg Koehle, Ph.D.
CRJS290 - 01 World Criminal Justice Systems Katie Ely, Ph.D.
CRJS305 - 01 Corrections Edward Bowman, Ph.D.
CRJS320 - 01 Topics CJ:  Theories of Crime Tamson Six, Ph.D.
CRJS320 - 02   Topics CJ:  Police Supervision  Dwayne Marshall, PH.D. 


Summer 2 - 2015     (June 22, 2015 - July 24, 2015)

CRJS205 - 01 Drug Abuse Tamson Six, Ph.D.
CRJS300 - 01 Forensic Criminology Tamson Six, Ph.D.
CRJS301 - 01 Juvenile Justice Edward Bowman, Ph.D.
CRJS360 - 01 Criminal Procedure Greg Koehle, Ph.D. 
CRJS425 - 01    Senior Seminar Criminal Justice   Dwayne Marshall, Ph.D.      

Fall 2015     (August 24, 2015 - December 11, 2015)

CRJS210- 01 Diversity Dwayne Marshall, Ph.D.
CRS304 - 01 Criminal Justice Ethics           Greg Koehle, Ph.D.               
CRJS3XX - 01 & 02    Criminology             Tamson Six, Ph.D. 

Clearfield Campus

The Criminal Justice program at Lock Haven University also makes extensive use of Interactive Television Video (ITV) to serve the criminal justice students enrolled through the Clearfield Campus. The majority of criminal justice students enrolled through the Clearfield Campus are pursuing the Associate's Degree. Law Enforcement, Juvenile Delinquency and some sociology courses are taught with dual audiences (main campus and Clearfield) through ITV technology. Students on both campuses 'sit' in the same classroom with the same instructor and are able to see, and interact with each other. Our Clearfield Campus is also able to interact with Dubois Regional Medical Center through ITV.

 ITV Class - Fall 2015
Broadcast from Clearfield Campus to Main Campus  

CRJS220 - 90, 01       Conservation Law Enforcement  Michael McSkimming, Ph.D.