Internships & Community Service


At Lock haven University, we require our Recreation Management students to complete two separate internships. This
puts our students ahead of the standard for actual experience in the field. Our first internship is five weeks and a minimum of 120 hours in length and provides an insight into the field of recreation. The first field work is usually completed following sophomore year and is worth three credits. Students must complete papers throughout the field experience. This summer field work is a wonderful opportunity for professional exploration, it helps expand horizons and refinement of thinking, and it is a great opportunity for resume building. Students must complete 25 volunteer hours before participating in the 210 Field Participation.Rec Management

Field Experience

Our second internship is our Professional Field Experience, which is a senior internship that lasts the length of a semester and requires 400 to 480 minimum hours.  The Internship of Professional Field Experience is worth 10-12 credits, and it includes a minimum of 400 hours. The final internship is completed following completion of the Professional Semester. This internship serves as a stepping stone to a professional position. It consists of 10 to 12 credits and is the senior capstone experience. A minimum of 400 hours must be completed following the Professional Semester.

Community Service

In order to further prepare our students, we require the completion of fifty community volunteer hours (25 service hours and 25 leadership/programming hours). Service hours include anything you can do to help out a community member or organization, such as an organized leaf-raking program, or helping with trail maintenance or river cleanup, etc. Programming hours include time that you volunteer and plan and/or run a program of some type. Examples of programming hours include planning a program for high school students, planning and running a cleanup of some sort, etc. Our students have given nothing but positive feedback about this requirement as it has benefited them greatly.