Student Media

Lock Haven University Communication students can develop knowledge and skills through participation in the following campus media.

The Eagle Eye

Our campus newspaper, the Eagle Eye, has a modern computer production facility that includes a desktop graphics and text scanner, CD-ROMS, digital photography, world wide web interface, and the page-making program most widely used in commercial newspapers. Students may earn a staff position on the newspaper in their first year at the university.

Eagle Eye Online Edition


The student-run television organization produces news, sports, and other programs in the 2,300 square-foot color television studio supported a completely digital operation, a teleprompter system, two editing bays, and a full complement of field production equipment.

 WLHU Radio Club

The LHU Radio Club airs daily from 3 p.m. to 1 a.m. and uses a free-format program schedule. Any LHU student or faculty member can propose a show and be considered for the weekly schedule.

Listen to WLHU Radio