History, Political Science, International Studies, and Foreign Languages

The programs of the Department of History, Political Science, International Studies and Foreign Languages all help advance three important principles:

First, we place a special emphasis on global perspectives, including courses that encompass Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. No matter what your major, students are encouraged to incorporate language study and study abroad into their degree programs. LHU's Institute for International Studies maintains exchange partnerships with more than 30 universities in over 20 countries.

Second, our programs encourage students to engage in interdisciplinary study. Two of our majors—International Studies and Social Studies Secondary Education—are already interdisciplinary. With five majors altogether, six minors and several pre-professional tracks in the department, students can combine a wide range of skills and competencies to serve their particular career goals.

Finally, our programs harness the power of a liberal arts education as preparation for professional careers. Critical reading, research and writing are important foundational skills for all our majors. Internships and study abroad enable students to apply these skills and integrate their knowledge.