Scholarships & Awards

Fred O. Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship


                    Language:                 all

                    Amount:                     Up to $300

                    Requirements:           1) Jr./Sr. majoring in Foreign Languages

                                                      2) Academic achievement

                                                      3) Demonstrated financial need


Michael Greenberg Foreign Language Award

                    Language:                   all

                    Amount:                       Up to $300

                    Requirement:               Second semester students at the 102 or 204 level


Dr. Cecilia Maciá Scholarship

                    Language:                   Spanish

                    Amount:                       Up to $300

                    Requirements:             1) Majoring in Spanish and participating in a

                                                            LHU International exchange to a Spanish

                                                            speaking country         

                                                       2) Minimum GPA overall of 2.5

                                                       3) Minimum GPA of 3.5 in Spanish

                                                       4) Minimum of 60 credits completed

Linda Emmanuel Scholarship

                    Language:                  French

                    Amount:                      $300

                    Requirements:             1) French or French Education major

                                                        2) Two French courses beyond French 4

                                                        3) Academic achievement


For more information contact:  Dr. Janet Irons, Chair

                                                 Lock Haven University / Lock Haven, PA 17745

                                                 (570) 484-2164