Careers in History

A multitude of careers await those with history degrees.  At LHU history majors acquire the ability to understand the modern world from an historical and global perspective, an essential skill in today’s job market.  They also develop important critical thinking skills, the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, and the capacity to effectively analyze data and information--  all skills highly desired by today’s employers!  For more information on careers for history majors visit the American Historical Association website.

Professional Historians Get Jobs as:

  • writers, editors, and journalists for newspapers, travel publications, educational publishers, etc.
  • researchers for government agencies, non-profits, travel agencies, think tanks, historical societies, private corporations, etc.
  • business associates with architectural firms and other corporate entities.
  • lawyers, legal assistants, and advocates with non-profit agencies.
  • educators teaching in private schools or for non-profit organizations.
  • archivists and librarians for government agencies, public libraries, historical societies, and non-profits.
  • public historians, like museum curators, park rangers, and historic site managers.

For assistance in your job search check out our list of useful employment websites here.  We also encourage students to visit LHU’s Center for Career and Professional Development for help with their job search as well as guidance in creating and revising resumes and preparing for interviews.