B.S. Ed. Secondary Education: Social Studies

Nationally accredited, LHU’s social studies education program leads to Pennsylvania social studies teaching certification for grades 7-12 in the public schools.  The content curriculum is broad, ensuring competency in all seven social studies subjects.  At the same time it provides an in-depth focus on the study of history with a global perspective.  The teaching methods curriculum includes multiple field experiences in the public schools with opportunities as early as one's sophomore year for hands-on practice teaching in diverse environments.   Students may opt to receive a dual certification in social studies and special education.  

The links below provide a detailed look at the curriculum for both the social studies secondary education major and the major leading to dual certification in social studies and special education.  Please also check out LHU's Teacher Education webpage http://www.lhup.edu/students/student_resources/teacher_ed/index.html for general information about LHU's historic commitment to excellence in teacher education.