B.A. Political Science

Political science is the systematic study of politics, government, and public policy. Political scientists use a variety of approaches--scientific, historical, philosophical--to gain understanding of how political systems work and how they can be improved. Students in political science courses study concepts such as "democracy" and "globalization" and apply them to practical issues and policies.

Political science majors are introduced to the four main fields of American political science: U.S. politics and government; comparative politics; international relations; and political theory. Our program is particularly strong in comparative and international politics. Students can also choose to follow the pre-law track or take courses in public administration and public policy. Internships are strongly encouraged as is Study Abroad. Many courses include simulations, case studies, and other experiential components.

Political science is an important contributor to LHU's mission of providing wide access for all students to the broadest range of educational experiences. It is part of LHU's commitment to a strong liberal arts core and to international programming and global competencies. It furthers LHU's mission of professional and applied learning by enabling students to place their academic and professional training in social and global context, by encouraging applied and experiential learning, and by helping students apply liberal arts competencies to public affairs, law, and other career paths.