Social Science Club

The Social Science Club is a student club open to all students with an interest in the social sciences.   Most students tend to be History, Political Science, and Secondary Education Social Studies majors; however, the club has had members from English, Biology and other non-social science majors as well.  The activities of the club have varied over the years, reflecting the interests of the members.  The club has organized and sponsored for a concerning election issues and healthcare; it has raised funds and built awareness about the plight of the refugees of Darfur in the Sudan; and created a "ghost walk" during Halloween, in partnership with Adult Services Librarian (Ross Library), Lou Bernard, to inform and entertain the community about the local "paranormal" history of Lock Haven University.

The club's main annual (some years, semi-annual) activity is a weekend trip to some historically significant location.  The club has visited Gettysburg (several times), Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and last year, Baltimore, Maryland.  The focus of these trips are to visit the historic sites and museums of greatest interest to the students of the club.  These trips are the highlight of the club's activities.

On a more regular basis (biweekly), the club meets to view movies and documentaries about subjects that range from historical dramas to documentaries concerning any issues of historical or contemporary interest.  The club also joins with other student clubs, on occasion, to jointly sponsor events of mutual interest.  A relatively small group, from year to year, the Social Science Club has been around for years and is always open to welcome new members.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard Goulet (