Program Curriculum

The Lock Haven University course content and sequence reflects the University's focus upon:

  • Empowering candidates to become curriculum leaders and developing the knowledge and competencies to promote higher student achievement;
  • Developing visionary school leadership that effectively leads teachers and communities through education reform efforts;
  • Creating a learning community that supports diversity and accounts for all learners, including the highest risk populations;
  • Promoting systemic growth and effective utilization of all available resources to benefit students and community; and
  • Optimizing the educator's ability to work in collaboration with students, parents, teachers, policy-makers, and other community stakeholders.

All of the overarching PIL standards are woven throughout the coursework with special attention given to including special education issues, developing visionary leadership suited to lead through reform, and promoting the strengths of diversity within schools while providing support to diverse populations are included across the curriculum. In addition the Field Experience requirement of PIL is exceeded by including field experience and job embedded assignments of 425 hours across four courses. These courses are sequenced to assure a yearlong field experience in the program.