Course Descriptions

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ECED 605 Advanced Child Development
A review of theories for viewing diversity in development from infancy through middle childhood.  These theories are then applied to key diversity factors shaping development.  Students are provided with the opportunity to explore several of these factors in-depth and to examine and analyze the implications for teaching and learning.

ECED 610 Childhood Play: Theory and Practice 
An in-depth look at play theories, and the importance of play in child development and learning.

ECED 615 Family, Community & Educational Collaboration 
An overview of frameworks for viewing educational collaboration from a family and community perspective.  These two factors are explored in-depth to examine and analyze their implications for teaching and learning.

ECED 620: Assessment, Observation, and Evaluation 
A detailed look at various methods of assessment and evaluation, theories of measurement, and the role of assessment as an essential part of the instructional process.

ECED 625: Leadership in Early Childhood Education 
Designed to provide graduate students with opportunities to identify and examine critical leadership issues in early childhood education programs for children from birth to age 5.  Leadership is defined broadly to include leadership within the early childhood program (e.g., with staff and families) as well as in the community and in advocating for the field.