Course Requirements & Electives

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Department Requirement 3 credits
EDTL 600 Introduction: Inquiry & Educational Change

Core Requirements 15 credits
EDTL 601 Teaching & Learning in an Information Age
EDTL 602 Advanced Instructional Design & Development
EDTL 604 Designing Assessments Using Performance Standards
EDTL 606 Analysis of Teaching
EDTL 609 Classroom Management & Control

Electives 9 credits
EDTL 605 Critical Issues in Education
EDTL 607 Projects, Readings, and Case Studies in Education
EDTL 610 Fundamentals of Education Leadership
EDTL 617 Grant Writing
EDTL 618 Understanding Role of Cognition & Social Skills in the Classroom
EDTL 625 Investigating Curriculum Issues in Education
EDTL 627 Learning Theory and Practice
EDTL 640 School Law
EDTL 645 Topics in Teaching and Learning
EDTL 650 Comparative and International Education
EDTL 685 Performance Based Assessment

Electives could be any graduate level courses that are 

of interest to the student.

Classroom Based Action Research 9 credits
EDTL 692 Reflective Practice & Action Research I
EDTL 694 Reflective Practice & Action Research II
EDTL 695 Advanced Field Experience

TOTAL 36 credits