Sociology, Anthropology & Geography Department

Sociology is the study of how humans have created the world and how they experience that world as outside of their Sociologypowers.  It blends history with economics and psychology and listens hard to things many may not want to hear.  It reflects society back to itself from the widest angle possible so that individuals benefit from locating themselves in a mosaic of others.

At Lock Haven, anthropology and geography support sociology.  They provide cultural and spatial analysis to such topics as industry, economics, organization, deviance, family, race and gender.  This gives sociology sharp points of focus on cultures of the world and our extraction and use of natural resources.

Sociology, anthropology and geography appreciate irony, comedy and tragedy and use them to both learn about the society and to educate it.  A society steeped in sociological knowledge is a society fit for peaceful cooperation and sustainable development.  Those who study sociology use their knowledge as successful businesspersons, politicians, educators and therapists.  They benefit from accurate cognitive maps of the human world and from the rational direction they provide.

Our disciplines can take no liberal or conservative political position and often see such things as lagging behind the needs of people.  We concern ourselves only with measuring and observing the conditions of existence and interaction which we see as the engine of all human forms.