Anthropology Minor

Lock Haven students take anthropology as part of their general education courses, as required or elective courses in several majors and as a minor.  Anthropology courses prepare you to understand and deal effectively with cultural diversity.  In Introduction to Anthropology students learn about all four subfields- Physical, Archeology, Linguistics and Cultural.  Our other courses concentrate on Cultural Anthropology and students can take area courses in Latin America, Japan and the Middle East and learn about the diverse and fascinating lives of Native Americans and women in the developing world.  Our professors have PhDs from top Universities and enrich their courses with extensive research experience in Egypt, Tunisia, Thailand, the Philippines, Mesoamerica and Peru.

In our globalized world an Anthropology minor will be useful for any major; but it is especially valuable in those fields in which you will be interacting with the public.  Majors in Criminal Justice, Education, Communication Media, Health Care Professions, Business Administration, International Studies, Psychology, Sociology and Social Work are especially appropriate to combine with an Anthropology minor.

Course List